$26.73 At Publix For $76.52 In Groceries


I made a quick run to Publix this afternoon and was so excited about my deals!  Our family goes through those Quaker Granola Bars pretty quickly during the school year (they go fasat when you’re packing four people’s lunches!), and I needed the string cheese for my littlest to take to Kindergarten next week.  Here’s what I purchased:


4 Green Giant Steamers $1.29 after BOGO sale

7 Quaker Granola Bars $1.99 after 50% off sale (these were the larger boxes, because we can go through the little boxes so quickly!)

3 Quaker Dipps $1.25 after 50% off sale

3 Quaker Oatmeals $1.49 after 50% off sale

1 loaf bread $1.09

1 24 ct. Polly O String Cheese $6.99 (yikes!)

1 Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese $1.30 after BOGO sale

3 Publix diet cokes $.99

1 Publix American Singles $2.50

1 Quaker Whole Cereal $1.65



The larger boxes of Quaker Granola Bars ended up being $.08-$.12 per bar (depending on which variety), while the smaller boxes (which I normally recommend using coupons on), ended up costing $.12- $.15 per bar.  Since we go through them fast around here, I was glad to get more while they were on sale!  We’re going to donate the cereal and a few boxes of the granola bars to Asbury’s food pantry, but I’m so excited to have my pantry re-stocked.



If you got any great deals this weekend, please leave a comment to share . . . I sure do love coupons! 🙂
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  1. Thanks for the Quaker coupon did similar deals today, but that mq makes it oodles cheaper! Bless you and yours!

  2. I need to go back to shopping at your Publix. The one on 72 will only let you use one Target coupon, not 3. Same with the yellow advantage coupons and green.

  3. Just noticed that those were mfr cpns on the Target site. 🙂 Still, your store is the best! I will have to go back to shopping there!

  4. The coupons on the Target site for the granola bars are printing out TQ for me not mfr….

  5. I tried to use my target coupons at the publix in Hsv, and they would only let me use one target coupon.

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