25 Time Saving Computer Tips: Try Out Feedly

Ready for a few new easy tricks to make your internet surfing go a little more smoothly? Tonight’s tip is one of those that makes checking out my favorite blogs so simple, and it may save you some time too!


I use Feedly to organize all of the frugal blogs I follow, as well as several of my favorite food bloggers, home bloggers and how-to-blog bloggers. All of the sites that I read are categorized by their content – so if it’s a lazy day and I just want to see fun decorating ideas, I click on only my home and family category. And, if I’m looking for a deal, all of my favorite frugal sites are easily accessible to!



If you want to try out Feedly, you can check it out HERE, and if you’d like to follow Passionate Penny Pincher on Feedly (I’d love for you to!), just search for me on the “What Would You Like To Read” page (this should be the link, but in case that doesn’t work you should be able to hunt PPP down pretty easily.)



What’s the trick?



What does it do?

Allows you to easily keep up with all your favorite blogs and websites, so that you have a daily feed including any updated deals on in one easy list


When should you use it?

Feedly is fantastic to use if you typically use several websites throughout the day for saving money, or if you have special blogs you love to keep up with but sometimes don’t remember to check them frequently!

Have you tried Feedly or another feed reader?  I’d love to know if they’ve been helpful for you – and any other tips that you have would be great to know too!


Stop back by tomorrow night when I’ll have another tip for  you, and if you have any other great time saving computer tips to share, leave a note in the comments section so I can include them!
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  1. I LOVE Feedly–by far the best reader out there and you’re right. It’s such a time saver to be able to skim the blogs I follow to see if it’s a post I want to read right away or save for later. Great tip!

    • I love it too Missy – makes life so much easier! I was so sad when Google Reader closed, but am thrilled that there’s a great substitute 🙂

  2. Excuse my ignorance. Can you give me instructions on how to do it? Do I type in individual blogs that I want to read? If so, then how do I access them, type in feedly?

    • Hi Tammie! Visit Feedly, and once you sign up you’ll see a link in the left sidebar to “add content”. Then you can search for any blogs you normally read, and add them to your list. Hope that helps (it is a little confusing starting out, so I hope that will get you started but if not let me know!)

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