25 Time Saving Computer Tips Day 8: Snipping Tool


Ready for another new computer trick to just make your online time go a little more smoothly? This little trick is just something that’s most likely built into your PC, so you might as well take advantage of it.


It’s your “snipping tool”, and basically it allows you to create a screen shot of anything on the page. It’s been awhile since I’ve used it on a PC (I use Command + Shift + 4 on my Mac to create a screen shot), so I’m going to do the best I can explaining it to you.



What’s the trick?

Snipping Tool


What does it do?

It takes a screen shot of either entire page that you’re looking at or whatever portion of the page you’d like to save


How do I use it?
 On a PC, open snipping tool by typing in “snipping tool” in the little blue window button in the bottom left-hand of your computer screen. If your computer has them, it should pop right up! Read more tips on how to use them over HERE.  (If you use a Mac, pressing Command + Shift +4 at the same time will do the same thing.)
When should you use it?

Goodness – for everything! Your screenshots are great to have when working on projects with your children, trying to easily save something to your computer, or even copying and pasting information into a document without actually copying the words over. 


Your turn now! Go try out that snipping tool feature and let me know what you think. 😉


Stop back by tomorrow night when I’ll have another tip for  you, and if you have any other great time saving computer tips to share, leave a note in the comments section so I can include them!


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  1. I have an application called “snag it”. I’m not sure what it costs, but it was pretty inexpensive when I bought it. It captures an entire web page (scrolling). It is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever had.

  2. Jennifer B. says:

    YAY! You saved the day with this one. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the page from an online textbook to copy or print, but I remembered you had shared this tip. I searched for it on your site and it worked like a charm! Thanks!

  3. Debbie S says:

    Also, if you have Microsoft One Note on your computer. Open it so you can enable the Windows key +S to easily “snip” screen shots.

    **FYI, this will not work with Win 8.1 (Home Edition) – it will bring up the search charm.

  4. On PC you can also just use ctrl, alt & prt scar and then use ctrl v to paste it where you want to use.

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