25 Time Saving Computer Tips: Cute Logos On Facebook (Any Other Ideas?)

Okie dokie, I don’t know that this is really a “time-saving” tip, but if you’re on Facebook and always wonder how people make super cute logos on comments, these tips are for you! I’m so technologically behind that these have taken me forever to learn, so maybe they’ll help you out too. 😉


Facebook has some special things you can do (pretty easily), but you’ve got to learn the right codes to do them. Here are a few you probably see all the time, and they might come in handy when you “love” something instead of just like it! 😉


Facebook Tricks:

Make a smiley face (three different options) –        🙂    🙂  =)

Make a sad face (three different options)-       🙁  🙁  =(

Make a heart-     <3

Tag a person in a post (this took me forever to figure out!)-    type the “@” symbol before their name

Since I’m not incredibly savvy when it comes to the cute codes, I would love to hear other suggestions on different items to add to the list.  If you know any, take a minute and share your favorites in the comments section!


Looking for more time saving tricks?  Here are the ones we’ve already worked on . . .



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  1. Barbara Carlson-Merkel says:

    Alt and the number 3 create a heart pic.

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