25 Time Saving Computer Tips: Coffee Shop White Noise (really?)

Ready for another new computer trick make your computer time more peaceful? I actually was just reminded of this one when I was working on a big project yesterday and all three of my kids were home playing. Because it was so noisy I couldn’t focus on what I was doing, until I remembered this handy app!

Coffitivity is a website (or app) that you can pull up and it runs white “coffee shop” noise in the background for you. While I work during the day without any noise at all, when my kids are home there’s no way I can focus with them racing around nearby! (I get distracted very easily, and if they’re just playing and don’t need me for what they’re doing, I sometimes have to get in extra work when they’re home.) Coffitivity allows me to hear them if they need me (don’t worry), 😉 but it also helps to soften the squealing while their playing a game or just running around being kids. I love it, and definitely recommend checking into it if you work from home (or even are just trying to organize your coupons.)





What does it do?

Creates a virtual “coffee shop” hum in the background so you can stay focused and get more done


When should you use it?

If you’ve got busy kids, or anything else noisy in the background, it helps dull the noise so you can stay focused (if that’s something you struggle with like I do in a noisy world!)


Your turn now! Go try it out and let me know what you think. 😉


Stop back by tomorrow night when I’ll have another tip for  you, and if you have any other great time saving computer tips to share, leave a note in the comments section so I can include them!
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  1. Sherry Owenby says:

    I just tried it for about 30 minutes and I was surprised that it works so well! I am so easily distracted. The sounds I hear from the TV, music, the mailman, my husband, the cat, you name it, – just pull me away and make it hard to concentrate.And silence is just TOO quiet! This coffee shop white noise just may be the answer for me! thanks for sharing!

    • That’s the way I felt too Sherry! I tend to forget about it, but it really does help (especially in the summertime when my kids are home all day.) Hope it helps you too, and I completely understand not staying focused – goodness it’s so hard sometimes when working online!

  2. Wendy Pinnix Boyd says:

    I am SO loving this series. Thanks!!

  3. Rebecca Chadwick says:

    Thanks! This will be good for when I am getting schoolwork done and can focus instead of listening to my kids scream and fight 🙂

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