25 Days to a More Organized You: The Entertainment Center



Okie dokie, so now that we've all got our sinks cleaned (right?) it's time to tackle the entertainment center or whatever holds the television in your home. I'm starting at the very top, and for the next few days we're going to give it a thorough dusting/organizing/cleaning/de-gunking.


Guys, I'm embarrassed to say that I have walked down the stairs in my home at least 1000 times each year, and never (ever) taken a few minutes to clean off the oh-so-dusty top of our entertainment center.  I've glanced over there every once in awhile, and then just hope no one else ever does.




Do you see that box for Direct TV? We haven't had Direct TV in four years.  I asked my husband if there was any reason we should keep it (the box, not even the actual Direct TV machine), and he said he just never knew if we might need it.




So, 15 minutes of scrubbing, and we're so much better . . . one job off my list!  One of these days I really need to get some cute decorations to put up there, but they'd just be one more thing to dust. . . . 🙂


Who's with me? Go ahead, find a ladder, step stool (or maybe even your husband), and clean off the top of your entertainment center too. If you don't have one, clean off another tall surface at home (how's the top of your fridge looking?)  If you have things that just need to go, get rid of them too.  I can't believe I waited this long, and know you'll feel so much better too when you cross this one off your list!


I’d love for you to hang out with us as we attack the clutter, grime and cleaning this month, and feel free to share your tips as we go along. Happy Cleaning! 



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  1. Day 2 Done!!! I love your page it is by far my favorite website I am a new couponer really don't know much starting to try to read up on more but your page is amazing !!! and thanks for the inspiration !

  2. I took the old Direct TV boxes to Best Buy so they could recycle them–I had Direct TV exactly 2 LONG miserable years, and canceled on the anniversary date–I had save the shipping boxes & they said they didn't want their stuff back-that it was outdated-ugh.

    • I still have the box – wondered if I should keep it or not but that’s just what I needed to hear Barb – thank you! (One more thing to de-clutter today…. woohoo!) 🙂

  3. On our last move, I unpacked at least one big box of empty boxes. If it’s there, the movers will pack it!

    • That is so true Jane!!! We had the same thing happen the last time we moved – so thankful to have movers pack stuff but it’s so much nicer when things are organized for them first!

  4. I am finishing putting up Christmas; Then I carpet clean and rearrange furniture as I go. Dusting and cleaning before I move anything.

  5. I'm laughing at the Direct TV boxes you all seem to have hanging around because I have one also. Min'e only been hanging around for a year, but that's WAY to long. Goodbye box!

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