25 Days to a More Organized You Days 24 & 25: Closet Cleanouts


Despite my good intentions to finish out two more days of our 25 Days to a More Organized You posts, I realized today it's just  not going to happen. I've scrubbed and shined and Mr. Cleaned (and vacuumed and dusted and decluttered and ughhhh…  ) in hopes of getting our house ready to go on the market soon, so here's just a quick peek at all of our organized closets!


Sorry to not keep up as well as I'd planned ~ this is one of those times that life just got in the way, and I appreciate you all understanding. 😉 However, if you have any (any!) time in your week to work on organizing any rooms your home, I encourage you to get started. I hate that I've waited to move to tackle these chores, but isn't that always the case? Oh well . . .



Our closet after our home “stager” recommended adding a chair and baskets to make it feel more like a dressing area (hoping to borrow a better mirror from a friend!)


Jacksons closet


Reagan's closet  

Caroline's closet

Four basically tidy closets. Success! 😉



Looking for more ways to get organized in 2014? Here you go . . .


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