25 Days to a More Organized You: Day One

I'm so excited to start this 25 Days to a More Organized You series again this year! I've been so busy these last few months that I've felt like my home has gotten the best of me (anyone else?) so I'm tickled to finally gain some control.


Each day for the rest of the month, I'll share a short (easy!) project to tackle in your home. My friend Staci actually is holding me accountable in keep up with our Motivated Moms routine (she already texted me today to see if I was caught up), and just having those few chores caught up on in our home feels soooo good.  (See more about the Motivated Moms Planner HERE.)


So, here's your first chore, and to try and keep up with every single night this month. (I promise, you'll thank me!)

Shine your kitchen sink. Put out fresh linens for the morning. Do it every single night because she says so.  ‘Nuf said.

If you're really good, stick the sink strainer in the dishwasher to clean thoroughly and use a little olive oil – you'll be amazed at how shiny your sink is when you're done!


So, who's joining me? I'd love for you to hang out with us as we attack the clutter, grime and cleaning this month, and feel free to share your tips as we go along. Happy Cleaning! 😉

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  1. done ! Can't wait to see what tomorrow's task is !!!

    • Good job Heather! This really is my favorite series of the year – already have pictures up ready for tomorrow (it’s amazing what just a few minutes can accomplish!) Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂

  2. It's amazing the difference a clean sink can make. I also make a point of emptying the dishwasher first thing in the morning, and I find I can do a much better job of keeping the kitchen clean all day.

    • I agree Barbie! My kids actually unload the dishes (they split it between them – the youngest does the silverware, oldest does the top rack and middle one does the bottom rack), and while we try to always unload it in the morning sometimes they’re running behind to get it done before school. BUT, those days it’s soooo much better – I may make it a point to make sure they’re up and ready to go early enough to tackle that chore!)

  3. Jeanne Reyns Epley says

    Excited and ready to do this. Bring it on..

  4. Darlene Callen Jones says

    keeps saying invalid Email address

  5. I’m in! I don’t have a family at home any more and I tend to let many things “slide”. It is amazing the stages in life you go through….from everything that has to be perfect to letting things slide (I surely don’t miss the everything perfect stage). I will enjoy your daily challenges and your readers comments. This is just what I need to get my rear in gear!!

  6. Jennifer Bouknight says

    You will laugh, because I was just thinking last night that my house really needed a good cleaning, but it seemed like so much to do at one time. I knew that I had seen series like this before and could not remember.

    Thanks for doing this when I really needed it!!

  7. I'm a few days behind, but I'm in. Just what I need to get going for the new year. Thanks. Enjoy reading everybody's posts.

  8. I just saw your laundry post so I am behind….but will catch up…sounds wonderful!!!

  9. Do you just rub the oil around with a rag or paper towel?

  10. Wait hold on this blog is called Passionate Penny Pincher, yet you tell people to “Put out fresh linens for the morning. Do it every single night because she says so. ‘Nuf said.” This is a waste as you are telling people to put clean unused linens in the washing machine because they are constantly putting out “Fresh Linens” every morning. How does that pinch pennies?

    • I guess it depends on your home Gary, but at our house (with five of us here) our dish towels are used all day long so they’re pretty used at the end of the day. To wash a dish towel and dish cloth each day has to happen here – since we rarely use paper towels they definitely need a good cleaning each day! Hope that makes sense.

  11. Going to do my sink now! Cant wait to see what tomorrow’s task is!!

  12. That means I have to clean my dishes every night first! Lol. Ok challenge accepted!

  13. The clean your sink and put fresh towels out os from Marla Ciley’s book Sink Reflections……let’s give credit where credit is due.

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