25 Days To A More Organized You Day Five: Complete (Yes, Complete) The Laundry


Let's talk laundry.


Sooooo exciting, right?


This week (thanks to keeping up with Motivated Moms), I've been really working to keep up with my laundry, and oh my heavens, it feels so good to have that tiny bit of life just more put together.


This, my friends, is my washer.

And  come right on over and meet my dryer.


Do you see what's special about them?  Clearly, they are not fancy, but they are ~ drum roll please ~ EMPTY!!!


Happiness might just be an empty washer and dryer when you're a momma who's done thousands of loads of laundry over the last few years. 😉


Here's the thing about laundry: you can put it off, you can hide it in your closet, you can hide it behind your door or stuff it in your hamper. But guess what? It doesn't go away, no matter what you do (well, until you do it), and whether you tackle it today or wash it all a week from now you still do the exact same amount of laundry.


This is not one of those chores that helps a procrastinator out a single bit.


So here's my challenge for you this weekend (get ready and brace yourself!)  


Wash all your laundry.


Every stitch of it.


Get caught up, completely. Even if it means beginning at 7 AM tomorrow morning and not finishing until Sunday night.


Once it's done, join me and tackle a load a day (maybe more or less, depending on what season of life you're in!), and let's really keep up with our laundry this month.


Soooooo, anyone with me? Let's go!


Note: if you're a working mom or have little ones at home, I know keeping up with the laundry is even a more monstrous task than I can imagine ~ even as a mom who works at home it is one of those things that's hard for me to keep on top of. I encourage you though to really (really!) try to get control of this one area of your world as I promise it will give you so much peace. But, in the midst of it, be sure to give yourself grace during this busy season of your life ~ we're definitely all at different places and I know some days the laundry is just too much! 



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