25 Days To A More Organized You Day 6: The Ironing


Did anyone manage to tackle their laundry this weekend? We got home last night from Atlanta and it was so nice to know that my laundry was mostly caught up on ~ so I'm determined to stick with this one all month long.


While my laundry room for the most part though looks pretty good, the ironing has been just waiting for someone to get to work. So last night while watching some of Downton Abbey (I have to finish the rest tonight), I decided to get this job marked off my list.


Here's before . . .


During . . .


And after (woot!)


And here's proof that I really did iron a few. 😉



I still have five little girl dresses that need to get finished up on tonight, but for the most part these are done and out of my way . . . yay! I don't iron many of our clothes, but it's so good to have some of the ones that have been hanging in our laundry room for months finally ironed and put away.


(Does anyone else have a few clothes that they just don't iron because you know if you do you'll just have to iron it again? I did have that thought while I was at work  . . . ) 😉




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  1. Tina-Katharina Brogan says

    Ironing? Wet washcloth and the gently dryer cycle for 15 minutes work just as well – just gotta make sure you get the shirts on hangers when they are still warm.

  2. Nancy Glazier Pigman says

    Yes. I hate to iron so that sets on hangars in the laundry room half of forever before I finally get to it, then I don't want to wear those items because I will have to iron them again. Oh well. Why did I buy stuff with linen in it? No amount of hanging immediately helps either..

  3. I bring down the table so I can sit when I iron, and I iron while watching the morning news or while watching Dance Moms with my 11 year old. It doesn’t seem to get so bad.

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