25 Days to a More Organized You Day 23: Organize A Drawer In The Bathroom

Have you shined your kitchen sink and completed your laundry?  If you can't get anything else done over the next few days try to tackle those two! 


Just 3 more days in our 25 Days to a More Organized You Series. (Whew!) I decided to spend the last three days cleaning out our bathroom drawers and cupboards, since that's one of those chores I constantly manage to put off. Because it's been nuts around here I'll keep it short and sweet, but encourage you to join in with me. (I promise you'll be so glad you did!)

Here are the before and after pictures . . .

And these are a bunch of sample sized items I'm going to donate to our local homeless shelter. (They fill backpacks with these items to give to people who stay for the night, so if you've got a few extra items you don't need it's a great way to do some organizing and give back too!)




After spending the last few days really cleaning out our home to get ready to put it on the market, I can tell you it feels sooooo good to just purge the clutter. I doubt that anyone will ever listen to me, but even if you're never moving I think it would be worth “staging” your home once every five or six years just to do a good cleanout. I just can't believe the difference it's made, and my house feels so much better for it (and we're not even done yet!)


Looking for more ways to get organized in 2014? Here you go . . .


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