25 Days to a More Organized You Day 15: The Junk Drawer


First off, can someone please tell me why on earth we let ourselves live like this? And secondly. . . my husband pointed out to me that I can do this as many times as I like and most likely it'll come right back to a mess again. Ugh.



Several items I found in the junk drawer that clearly had no business being there. Double ugh!


And here we are all done – so much better . . . at least while it lasts. 😉



Do you have a “junk” drawer that cold use a little TLC? Take 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish ~ I'm betting you'll surprise yourself with how much you can get done in just a small amount of time, and I promise (promise!) it'll feel so good when you're done.


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  1. Love it!

  2. Delane Dee-Honeycutt Parker says

    Need help in keeping the trays "stii" in the drawer.

  3. Delane Dee-Honeycutt Parker says


  4. That's what I was thinking. Put a couple of large trays in the front so the back ones don't shift. It would be so much easier to keep it neat 🙂

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