25 Days of Summer Savings: Homemade Fire Pit

This is one of those fun frugal ways to enjoy summer, that may not work for everyone but definitely worked for us! Last week while my son’s best buddy from Alabama was in town, the boys decided to put together a homemade fire pit and we are loving it.

All they did was dig a hole, put some rocks around it that we found out in our yard, and then build the fire. They toasted S’mores on it last week, and we sat around it again Saturday night. It’s such a little thing, but we’ve already enjoyed it so much, and decided that when we finally do get grass in this yard we’ll save a corner of the lot to keep it in!

I know not all neighborhoods would allow this (and not everyone has access to free boulders like we seem to in our back yard!), but maybe it will work for you too. (And as always, make sure a parent is nearby watching when kids are handling fire.)

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  1. Jennifer B. says:

    Great example of making lemonade out of those lemons in life. I cannot imagine you’d have gone for this if your yard were already landscaped as you’d hoped. Looks like both boys had a great time, too.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer – we really are enjoying it and you’re definitely right, it was a great way to make some lemonade! 🙂

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