25 Days of Dieting Motivation Day 23: Heather’s 100 Lb Weight Loss


As I've shared before, I've struggled for(ever?) with my weight, and while I've maintained a healthy weight for 20 years (after a 70 pound weight loss in college), I still always have to reign things in after the Holidays. And as I've shared before, I'm not at all a skinny girl, but pretty content to be a skinnier girl than I was back then.

Since before and after stories always motivate me, I thought it would be fun to do a series this month showing folks who've lost weight using different methods, and hopefully motivate all of us to stick to healthy living in 2017.  I'm personally starting up the 21 Day Fix this month (I did it in the fall and believe it's a great program, but am excited to start this year fully in!), and will share more on how it works in February, assuming it goes well. 🙂

Check out how Heather's amazing weight loss journey on her blog At The Picket Fence!  She lost 100 pounds by making physical, mental, and spiritual changes to discover why she had always trusted and relied on food to get her through hard times in life.


Note: As always, consult with a doctor before beginning any weight loss program. 

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