$2 Off Glidden Paint Tester: Makes Them $.98 At Wal Mart

$2.00 off Glidden Brilliance Collection Testers

The $2.00 off Glidden Brilliance Collection Testers, which will make them just $.98 at Wal Mart!  If you have a small craft project in the works this would be a great way to score some inexpensive paint, or you could even hang onto it in case your kids need it for an art project at school.


Because I’m horrible at selecting paint colors which I love (and pretty picky about what colors are on my walls), I always purchase these before painting.  After painting Pepto-Bismol Pink in my daughter’s nursery (which now looks pretty cute, but I had to paint it three times to get it there!), I realized it’s worth a few dollars to save a lot of extra painting. 🙂



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