Amazon Vs. Coupon Deals: Where Are The Best Prices?

Okie dokie folks, I received a great comment on this post yesterday, and wanted to address it both for Peggy and for you. As you probably notice, I post alot of Amazon deals (which as I’ve shared do create a way to earn money for our family and others here on PPP.) BUT, I don’t post them only to earn income, and here’s why.


Believe it or not, there’s a little more thought that goes into posting here on PPP (and on most coupon blogs) than you can imagine. I watch what you all click over to read, see what people are most interested in, and try to share deals that are most beneficial to the largest number of readers.  What I’ve found in the last few years is that more and more often, readers are more likely to get excited about easy online deals than they are for coupon deals. There are literally times when Shannon and I spend huge amounts of time on large shopping scenarios to share, only to see that we get a few clicks on those compared to hundreds of clicks for online savings. We want to use our time wisely, so we focus mostly on what the majority of readers are interested in. (We want to be efficient in our time too!)

AND, I vet our deals constantly, working hard to post prices on online savings that are at the lowest or very close to the lowest prices they’ve ever been at.  This weekend Shannon and I Skyped and were discussing the great deal on diapers at Target this week. She’d done the math, and the best price ended up at $.12 per size one Pampers. That’s a great price, but there were quite a few hoops to jump through to get that deal!

Today, I happened to notice diapers were actually $.10 per diaper at Amazon (these were Luvs, so not high-end Pampers of course!), however  Huggies ended up being just $.12 per diaper  – the same price as Target without coupons or gift card deals. Now, I am all about a great deal, but my absolute number one favorite way to save is getting the very best price as easily as possible (especially for mommas who’ve got their hands full with busy babies!) So, to me this is a deal that I’m definitely going to post too, because I’m all about taking advantage of a deal and saving myself some time!


And like I shared in my comment with Peggy (you can read it HERE), there are only so many hours in my week to devote to PPP, so I’ve got to be smart in where I spend my time. Especially this summer, with a big move and three busy kids at home, I don’t have as much time to head to the stores and hunt down deals as I do during the school year. (I hope you understand!) So, it’s just easier to research online deals from home. Hopefully we’ll be back full-swing in another 6 weeks (but in the meantime I’m enjoying more time off with my family!)


I hope that makes sense, and I appreciate your (kind!) comments and suggestions on things you would like to see here on PPP so much. In all honesty, we just kind of live in survival mode here through the summer months (imagine hearing “MOOOOMMMMMMM” every time you type a sentence!), but all of that will settle down shortly. Hope you all understand, and I encourage you to always do the math to make sure you’re consistently getting the best deals!


If there’s something you’re missing on PPP that you’d like us to share more often, please leave a comment to share. I really do love hearing from you!


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How To Make Life More Liveable

Time for a random rambling today ~ pull up a chair and pour a glass of sweet tea – this one just might take awhile. :)


As I shared last week, this move has been not-so-easy on our family (or on me.) Thankfully though, this last week things have eased up a bit, and I know with time we’ll find our place here too.  In the midst of it though, there have been things that I’ve noticed have made life a little more liveable each day. The reality is, we all struggle through difficult things in life ~ whether it be a move, an illness, parenting struggles, or the death of someone we love dearly. 


Life (at times) is hard. There’s just no way around it. But, choosing to do a few certain things have helped ease a little stress here, and maybe they’ll be helpful for you too.

1. Get dressed, pray, exercise (even if only for a few minutes) and shine your sink, every single day. I don’t know where the magic is in these tricks, but they really do work ~ promise. ;)


2. Skype, call, or text a friend. I’ve so missed a few friends from home, but have checked in with them through Skype, by sending a quick text, or calling them while folding laundry. I can’t tell you how much fun I had skyping a friend video of our new home (she even gave me decorating tips while I walked through the house), and just a simple one-sentence text to another friend really brightened my day. It’s amazing what simply connecting with real people who care for you can do to lift your spirits!


3.  If you need to, do some tidying. Y’all, last week when I just about lost it, my husband came home and saw me in one mess of an office, and knew something had to be done. I kept telling him that since we didn’t have anywhere for most of the items to go until we had bookshelves, there was no point in tidying so I just needed to live with it. (It may be months or longer before we get those bookshelves as I’m trying to come up with a perfect plan – clearly spending hours each day in an office which is a disaster is not a great plan!)

He enlisted the help of our kids, and in less than 30 minutes the entire room was cleared out to storage in the basement. I had no idea how much the clutter was bothering me, but goodness just having a tidy (albeit empty!) spot to work in has drastically reduced my stress level.  If you’ve got some clutter in your life that’s making a difficult situation even more stressful, determine to take a few hours this weekend to just clean something out. (I promise, you’ll be so glad you did!)


4. Watch Facebook less if you need to. Goodness, I love Facebook for keeping up with friends as much as anyone does, but last weekend I realized that watching what my friends were doing in Alabama that our family was missing out on was not helping. More importantly, I realized it was making a challenging situation even more difficult for my kids if they happened to scroll through and see what their friends were up to while we weren’t there.


Instead of living the life we’ve been given here in Ohio, Facebook (or Instagram, or Twitter, or whatever it is for you), made us wish for something that couldn’t happen right now. If you’re going through something difficult (especially with a friend), limiting your time on social media and just really living might just change your perspective.

My son took these pictures in our backyard the other night ~ amazing!

5. Find the beauty right where you are. Never (ever) in a million years would we have snapped that picture in the backyard of our home in Alabama, and it truly is beautiful here. We used to walk to Publix (which I miss ~ so much!), but now we can walk to the river. We used to have a back yard full of landscaping, now we have a yard abuzz with thousands of fireflies each night and watch deer from our kitchen window at just about every meal. I’m still praying for grass one of these days (ugh!), but there’s beauty here already, if I just take a moment to open my eyes to see it.


If you’re going through something that just hurts so badly, try to find something oh-so-beautiful even in your situation. It might be a special snuggle with a child who’s struggling through a difficult season of their life, or maybe a walk outside to see some flowers in bloom. No matter what your situation, there is something beautiful to be found right where you’re at, so take a second to find it and just drink it in.


6. Realize you can’t do it all. I’ve been attending a Bible Study at the church we’ve been visiting here, and the message from Priscilla Schirer last week was on prioritizing. (Yikes!) She shared that a Godly friend encouraged her that she couldn’t do everything during the season of her life when her kids were young, so she needed to focus only on her top priorities.


This summer, the only things I can really tackle are making our move as painless for my family as possible, and keeping up (somewhat!) here on PPP. I’ve been convicted that I so often put my business ahead of my family, and right now they need to be first. School will be here before you know it, and I’ll never get back today with my family. I hate that in many ways (because I really do enjoy what I do here so much!), but until at least mid-August, they need a wee bit more attention right now.


What that means also is that there are lots of things I’m saying no to. This isn’t a season when I’m going to run 20 miles every week, I’m not going to bake homemade bread for dinner all that often, most of my penny pinching will be done just by shopping Aldi, and my house isn’t going to be perfectly clean even once. If you’re in a stressful season, really consider what your big priorities are, and then give yourself grace for the stuff you just can’t manage.

From my old office  ~ we waited years for that room and I can’t wait to figure out what we’ll do here!

7. Dream. Big. Taking the time to dream has undoubtedly been the thing that has helped me to just feel some peace this last week (and even a little excitement as we’re here.)  We’ve always put some effort into dreaming big in our homes, and I think in the midst of the move I’d forgotten how precious it is just to imagine something new for our future, even if we can’t have it all today.


Last week my (wise) husband encouraged me to really start thinking about my new office specifically and in general about our home, and to start dreaming about what I really wanted it to be. I hemmed and hawed, and generally felt like I’d come up with the simplest way to tackle what we have, just settling for something that would work.


He encouraged me instead to really dream about how I could make this space absolutely perfect – no holding back. Now, we may never get that big ole’ dream I’ve started thinking up, but since my dreams are free, I might just as well imagine ~ and maybe one day those dreams will become a possibility.  We’ve walked around our yard and started planning what we’d like to see in each spot one day. In our last home we did the same thing, even staking out trees that didn’t get planted for years, just to start dreaming. Eventually, much of what we dreamed really did happened, but we would never have gotten there if we didn’t dream big to start with! 


If you’re struggling through something that just feels overwhelming, try to look past the mountain in your life right now, and dream of where you may be in a year, two years, or even five years down the road. Dream of what you really want, not just what you’ll settle for. Work towards your dream even in the midst of your struggles, and know that those dreams might just become real for you one day too.

There are seasons of life that just come with so many overwhelming things it’s hard to even see outside right where you are. This week as I’ve struggled to find peace here it hasn’t all been easy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. (And it sure doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a plan right here!) If you’re struggling too, be encouraged that you are not alone, and that God has a perfect plan only for you. 


And on a very short side note, I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, emails, and texts encouraging me through our move after last week’s post (or on this one.) I feel so very blessed to have such kind people cheering for me along the way, and am so very thankful for each of you! If you have any other tips on how to get through something difficult, I’d love for you to share those too. (I really do love hearing from you!) 


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When Life Just Isn’t Easy

Time for a (very!) random rambling – if you’re here just for the deals I COMPLETELY understand ~ scoot on to the next penny pinched post! ;) 



Have I mentioned lately (ahem ~ today?) that we recently moved







There’s really no way to sugar-coat it ~ this move has been H.A.R.D. on our family.


Truth be told? It’s been hard on me. 


I’m not good at leaving behind wonderful friends. I miss my home. I miss my office. I miss my neighborhood. I miss my church.


I (really) miss my life.




Honestly? I didn’t expect this moving thing to be so hard on me. I knew that logistically it would be tough ~ coordinating movers, packers, un-packers, enrolling kids in school, finding new places for the kids to do their extracurricular activities, setting up a new home ~ I pretty well guessed that all that would not be easy. What I didn’t expect though is that I’d come here and feel so . . . just . . . lost. And overwhelmed. And anxious. And ~ terrified?


My kids aren’t in school yet, so they haven’t figured out their place either. They don’t know yet where they fit. Or if they fit. Or if they ever will fit.


They don’t know where their place is, and I don’t know either.  I don’t know what to tell them.


I’m still clinging tight to the hope that God has a great big ole’ plan here. And my husband’s job is fantastic. (Seriously folks, how many people would give anything just for that, and really when we have so very much what business do I have complaining?)


Much (much) of the things that have been difficult in our move have been made worse by some quirky things. We had lots of furniture damaged in our move (meaning our home feels even less like a home), we have no grass or landscaping outside which has been really hard on my we’d-rather-play-outside kids (hopes are for landscaping at least this week ~ praying!), and in general moving to a brand new home has definitely come with a few glitches.


I’m trying to remind myself that sometimes things are just hard. Moves aren’t always easy, illnesses don’t always heal, and some days things just don’t easily work out the way that we think they should.


But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the hard thingsWhether you’re going through something physically, mentally, financially or any other way, remember the truth that you (and I) are learning something right here and right now that cannot be learned any other way.


I was reminded though yesterday that I am so ridiculously fortunate that I have absolutely no business whining (at all.) Not too far from our home I saw a family who had nothing. Not too far from my circle of friends I know people who’s children are struggling with major illnesses. What business do I have complaining?


So, I’m praying peace today to you wherever you’re at, and for me right here. And if you’ve moved recently (or just gone through something difficult), know that someone else has probably been there too. (I keep seeing people who seem to be moving so easily, and wondering what on earth is wrong with me ~ so this is my reminder to all of us that things aren’t always as easy as they look!) Hang in there, know that there’s a plan (really!), give yourself grace, and be blessed.



Note ~ I drafted this post earlier in the week, but already our days are feeling a little less painful ~ it’s amazing what a few days can do to just change your perspective! I decided to share it though because if you’re going through something difficult I really do want you to know others have been there too.  Watch next week for a few things that we’ve done already to make life just a little more liveable. ;)


Here are a few more posts you may want to check out if you just need some encouragement today:

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Help! What (Penny Pinched) Suggestions Do You Have For A Week In Orlando?

I received a question from a reader, but I’m not sure how to help her out so am hoping you’ll have some great ideas! Here’s her question. .  .
We’ve been offered the use of a friend’s timeshare in Orlando, and our lodging would be practically free for a week! However, we are on a VERY tight budget and can’t really afford park tickets. My boys aren’t really into Disney, but I wondered about Universal or other “NON” disney parks down and if you knew of any tips to get discounts?
Any suggestions? Leave a comment to share . . . I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!
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How Do You Stock Up On Meat?

Grilled Ribeye Steaks & Onions

Note from Laurie ~ we’ve never been able to purchase meat in bulk because of limited freezer space, but I love Shannon’s tips and am hoping we can find someone here in Ohio who sells meat this way! Would love to hear what you think too . . . 


Okie dokie folks, I’m going to share something about me that not many people know. ;)  I think I’m a closet-wannabe-vegetarian!  I really don’t love meat (other than steak.)  But my family loves (*loves*) meat!  They think bacon is the best thing (yikes! can you see the heart blockage now?), and they love steak too.  But finding deals on meat is hard, so here’s what we do.


About 3 years ago while having a budget discussion with the husband I realized that I couldn’t keep my grocery budget at its current amount and buy very much meat.  So, I asked around about buying meat from someone and found a couple from our church sells grass-fed beef. Since then we’ve bought 1/6 of a cow, which lasts us about 9 months.  It comes out to about $4.99-$5.49 per lb, which usually includes enough for:
  • 2-3 roasts
  • 15 lbs. of assorted steaks
  • 30-35 lbs. of ground beef
  • a couple other cuts of meat 


When we eat the steaks I always tell my kids to feel really blessed because it is a luxury that we enjoy eating like that. ;) If you’re planning to buy a part of a cow it definitely helps to have an extra freezer because it definitely takes up some extra space ~ we have an extra fridge and my mother-in-law is sweet enough to store some of our extra meat in her deep freezer.  (She’s pretty awesome.) ;)


For us, we’ve found that grass-fed meat is a wonderful option ~ it tastes better and smells better when making it, and is much less greasy. I still do occasionally buy meat from the store though, and we pick up chicken at Target on clearance or when Kroger has their BOGO boneless skinless chicken breast sale.


I know that paying a few hundred dollars up front to stock up on meat may not work for everyone ~ but you can still save on meat at your local grocery store! Visit Target and see when most of the “sell-buy” dates end.  Then make another a trip a day or two ahead of that, and most likely you’ll find peelies for that meat (which you can take home and freeze.)
Have you purchased a portion of a cow before, or come up with other ways to save on meat? Leave any tips you have in the comments section ~ we’d love to hear them!


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We Made It To Ohio!


My kids handprints from our old driveway ;) 

Goodness gracious ~ it’s been a long week already, and it’s only Wednesday morning! We arrived safely in Columbus after midnight last night, and (fingers crossed) close on our new home later today.


It’s been a hard, sad, oh-so-blessed-that-it-just-hurts-to-go few days, as we said goodbye to so many wonderful friends Monday and Tuesday.  When we finally got all tucked in last night my big-ole’ 14 year old just looked and me with tears in his eyes and asked “Is this really happening?” Bless him, it’s so stinkin’ difficult to just exist at all when you’re 14, so I absolutely hate that we’ve thrown this curve ball his way. :(


Here’s my make-shift desk in the closet of my husband’s apartment today (I didn’t want to wake anyone up with my typing!) It’ll be awhile before I have a real office again, but surely I can find something a little more appropriate than the top of a Rubbermaid cooler (surely?)



I can’t even begin to thank you for all your kind words, thoughts and emails as you all have encouraged me while we get through this. I never expected such an overflow of support, and have been thoroughly shocked at how many of you took time to email me, and even more surprised at how many Ohio readers there are here on PPP. (Really – so many folks have sent emails with so many tips on the area – I am so blessed!)  My heart’s still a little (a lot) achy this morning, but I know things will look brighter in a few days as we settle in.


Thank you so much for your continued prayers (especially for a cute 14 year old blonde boy who could really use it today)  ~ praying God’s grace on your day too!


If you missed this earlier, see more on our move over HERE.

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New To Couponing? Let’s Get Started.


My friend Shannon and I were so excited to meet with a few of you last night at our coupon class (we loved meeting you all!)  We may have overwhelmed you (we both talk way too fast . . . ) but here are a few links we promised to share that may help you out:


Also, there are certain times of the year when specific items are significantly cheaper to purchase. Here’s the cycle that my friend Shannon and I have figured out are the best times to grab certain items (please leave a comment if you think of other items that go on sale seasonally and I’ll add them!)

  • Baking Supplies, Cooking Soups, Spices, Seasonings – November/December (Holidays)
  • Meat, Condiments – Summertime (Grilling Season)
  • Produce – Summertime (Stockpile things like green peppers and onions to freeze for winter casseroles, soups, etc.; freeze fruit for winter baking – strawberries, blackberries, bananas, etc.)
  • Cream Cheese, Velveeta, Canned Tomatoes, Dried & Canned Beans, Cheese – January, February (Super Bowl and March Madness)
  • Packaged Snacks, School Supplies – August (Back to School)



Don’t miss these free free printables that should help as pinch those pennies:

And if you’re trying to find a printer to inexpensively print coupons on, here are the two I recommend:

We’d love for you to also join Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook to keep up with all the penny pinching deals as well – let us know if you have any questions!


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Packing Day

Today the movers have come to pack us for Ohio. UghAs you can imagine, this is a bittersweet time for our family as we’re excited about the plans ahead of us but oh-so-sad to leave a home here in Alabama that we’ve absolutely loved.


What I haven’t shared with you all yet (but you may have figured out?), is that my husband has been in Ohio since Thanksgiving working at his new job. Because I didn’t really want to share that I was here by myself with a bunch of (rowdy) kids ;) I kept that part a secret. I’ve felt a little bit like a liar (story-teller? my kid’s “nicer” term for it . . .), as I’ve shared menu plans we haven’t eaten, and recipe tips when we’ve really had little more than cereal for dinner most nights.  (I hope you understand?)

Last October, when I was driving home from our local apple orchard (I’d been checking to see how the apple prices compared to those at our local grocery store), I got a phone call from my husband which I was pretty unprepared for. His company decided to shut down their office in Alabama, and while they offered him a position in another location, there was nothing for him here.


We were devastated.  


We looked at our options.  He considered moving to another city with the company, and was offered a few jobs here locally with other firms as well as a position in Columbus, Ohio. (Folks, I didn’t even know where Columbus, Ohio was. Of course, when we moved to Alabama nine years ago I wasn’t quite sure where Alabama was either ~ clearly geography is not my strong suit!)  After a lot of praying, he decided to take the position in Columbus, and left to start work there the weekend after Thanksgiving.

It’s been a long six months.



A funny thing happened though. That very same day that I was at the apple orchard, I had a tiny unexpected boost to my traffic here on Passionate Penny Pincher. That unexpected boost grew a little, then a little more, and six months later I think I’d call it more than just a boost. (Translate: we went from 14,000 FB fans to over 108,000 FB fans in six months, and our traffic has more than quadrupled.  At least for me, it’s been a bit of a big boost that I never expected!)


Y’all, I’ve been typing away on this computer for over four years hoping that my little blog might be a wee bit more worth my hours each day, but it ever so slowly grew until the exact day that I needed some extra peace. I can’t believe that was merely a coincidence, and am more thankful for it than I can express. I can’t tell you that blogging will ever make you rich (however it is way more work than I ever imagined), but it’s almost like God waited to let this prosper until the season when we needed extra peace financially the most. (If you’re curious how to start a blog, I’d encourage you to read this and this ~ I’ve learned everything I know from Google and those two resources!) ;)


So in December my husband left for Ohio while I stayed here with three children, a home to sell, and a small business that decided just then to start growing.

Jump ahead six months. 


I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’m a fantastic light-bulb-changer, terrible freak in the middle of the night when I hear a noise, and am capable of unhooking the kitchen sink all by myself.  I can grease a garage door without any help (thanks to the help of my favorite cooking spray), figure out what’s wrong with a car and even talk somewhat sensibly to a mechanic, and I learned just yesterday how to navigate a lumberyard to replace a window on my to-do list.


I’ve learned that single-parenting is hard (HARD), Skype is awesome, and more than anything else there’s just nothing so precious as being truly valued by another human being.  (I really don’t consider my husband and myself very sappy folks in the least,  but goodness when he’s been home these last few months it’s been wonderful to just be cared for by someone!)


I’m tired. (Ummmm, exhausted.) Today and tomorrow the movers are here packing, Monday they load the trucks, Tuesday we close on the house, attend a bunch of end-of-school-year parties, and then drive eight hours to Columbus.  We’ll close up there on Wednesday, cross our fingers that our new home is ready for us, and hopefully all our stuff will join us near the end of next week.



 To say I’m anxious about all of this is an understatement. I have no idea what the future holds, if anyone will like me or my kids in Ohio (isn’t it silly that I’m already worrying about that?), or if I’ll be able to survive the winter way up there. I don’t know where we’ll go to church, which store I’ll pick to use coupons at, ;) or how my kids will ever forgive us as they’re pretty frustrated about the whole situation right now. (Goodness, that just hurts my heart the most!)


 I do know though that God has amazingly and consistently had His hand on our lives, and these last six months are just more crazy proof of that for me. (I kid you not folks, I completely felt God holding me so close this week when I needed Him most. Grace,  I tell you!)

(I sobbed as I took down this picture this morning that’s on our stairwell – my kids were just babies when it was taken!)


So, if things are slower here this next few weeks, know that my hope is to be right back at it once we’ve settled in. (Thanks to the help of Shannon and a few other friends hopefully things will move right along!)  If you could say a prayer especially for my kids this next week I’d sure appreciate it (this is so hard on them!), and pray that we manage the next week or two safely too.


And if you’re in a spot where you feel as if you’re working at something that just isn’t turning out the way you’d hoped, remember that you really never know what might be right around the corner.  Know that there’s a plan out there just for you, so just hang on and be blessed.



“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11



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Stamp Out Hunger Pantry Cleanout

Note from Laurie ~ I would love (love!) for you to join us this week and clean out your pantry for Stamp Out Hunger ~ such a great way to tidy up your pantry, and give at the same time! If you’d like to share your before and after pictures, send me an email at contact @ passionate penny (leave out spaces) and I’ll find a time this week to share them.


Okie dokie guys . . . this is kinda embarrassing.  When Laurie asked if I was going to clean out the pantry to donate items for  Stamp Out Hunger this coming Saturday, May 10th, I told her that would be fine.  Then she asked if I could take pictures… EEK!  I’ve been so far behind after two birthdays in April and Easter at my house that I haven’t cleaned out my pantry in 2 months! (YIKES!) I tend to go through my overflow every month and just donate what we haven’t used, but it clearly was time to catch up.

Before  . . .


After . . .


Before . . .


After . . . 


Before . . . 


After . . .



And here’s what I’m donating . . . 


Can you believe all that was in there? ;)

Would you like to join us? (We’d sure love for you to!) Take a few minutes to clean out your pantry and start a donation bin to bless someone who’s struggling right now, and if you’d like to share your before and after pictures I’d be thrilled to show them off here too. To send in  your pictures just send them over to contact @passionate penny ~ it’s so encouraging to see how we’re all able to give a little no matter where our budget is at! 

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What Happens When God Gives You A Unique Child (Or at least, unique to you….)

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone a little off track  on a random rambling, but hopefully you’re up for it today. If not, scoot on past to the next penny-pinched post! ;) And in case you’re wondering – those are my two of my three kiddos with their sweet cousins ~ aren’t they cute?


God gave me three very unique children. For the sake of their anonymity, I won’t share too many specifics, but I will tell you that they are all different.


And not a single one of them has fallen into the mold I expected when becoming a mom.


{I thought it would be easy?}


But I’ve seen something so interesting as we’re raising these kids. The one that I thought would navigate life so easily struggles with things that seem so insignificant at times.


The one that I thought might never conquer a spelling test somehow has learned to manage my entire home. (Seriously guys, it’s crazy what that kid can do.)


And the one who picked up the stack of “easy cards” at birth (it’s all easy for this one – kind of annoying to watch them really), is undoubtedly the one I have to parent the most heavily every day. (Wasn’t God supposed to give me an easy one?)



So why (on earth), am I sharing these really random ramblings with you? I was there too.


I was at that point where I didn’t know how on earth to parent a child who was so very different from me. I prayed endless nights hoping to somehow do something right ~ that constant discipline, never-ending practice on the hard things, and encouragement in the right direction might change something. And somewhere along the way things clicked along and we ended up here. In this place where parenting isn’t really easier, but I’ve realized they’re going to be fine ~ and I so wished another mom had told me that those crazy quirks my children had when they were younger really would change as they grow.


All of our children are unique. You may hear a friend (repeatedly) brag that their child is a rockstar . . . brilliant, beautiful, and really just perfect (and I’m betting that kid may even look like from the outside too.) But you know what? That child has something they struggle along with just like your child does, and no matter what the parent may say with their words, they’ve seen some struggles too.


So instead of worrying . . . 

Celebrate your child’s uniqueness. Love them extra today ~ just the way they are. Praise what they’re fantastic at ~ try praying with them and over them in their struggles (and your own struggles too.)


If they can’t spell ~ one day they’ll learn to type and spell check really will help.


If they can’t tie their shoes ~ introduce them to velcro. (I promise, they all learn to tie their shoes. Really.)


And goodness gracious ~ if they’ve managed to miss the mark on the toilet for the nine thousandth time, show them where the Lysol Wipes are, and just let it go. (Their wife will thank you one day!) ;)




Your child ~ whether absolutely perfect or a tiny bit flawed like mine ~ is perfect. He or she has the most amazing God-given talents that you can’t even see yet. And if you’re a parent, you and I are tasked with the coolest gift of raising them each day.



Be encouraged that no matter where you are in your parenting, you have a precious gift that really is going to be all right. (This is coming from a momma who hauled one child out of Zaxby’s kicking and screaming because they didn’t get to pick their meal just this weekend ~ y’all, I have seen some tantrums around here, and I’m not saying it’s going to be easy.) But, you will get through this, and so will your child.  Love on them all you can, pray without ceasing, and know that He’s got an awesome plan in store for them. Just wait and see. ;)


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to hard you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11



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