Christmas Made EASY: The Ultimate Christmas Checklist




Oh my.



You are gonna love this.


Like . . .




I was worrying this weekend about all the things I needed to do to get ready for Christmas, and realized that I just needed a perfect checklist to really get myself organized.
So I visited Pinterest . . . and there were so many great lists, but none that were just right.



But lucky for me (and lucky for you!), I have an awesome designer who created this Ultimate Christmas Checklist so you and I can be completely organized and stick to our budgets this year. 







(Yup, I’m a wee bit excited about this one.)


More than anything here at PPP, I want to you to save a bundle this Christmas, and at the same time, I’d just love to make Christmas easier for you too.


So, hurry over HERE to get and let me send it right out to you, and let me know what you think. Happy Black Friday Week!



{Note ~ if you’re a PPP email subscriber I sent this out to you a few hours ago today. Send me an email at if you didn’t get yours!)

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The Ultimate Aldi, Costco, Sam’s, Target, Walmart Baking Price Comparison Sheet (Christmas Edition)


I’m so stinkin’ excited about this! My friends Cheryl and Shannon did an incredible job putting together this Ultimate Aldi, Costco, Sam’s, Target & Walmart price comparison cheat sheet so you never pay too much this Christmas season for your baking supplies.


They’ve priced everything you’ll need as you’re baking this Christmas season, including sugar and butter, chocolate chips and eggs, flour, baking soda and more.


Honestly? I was shocked at the results. I would never have thought Sam’s, Costco and Aldi would be so much lower than some of the other stores are certain items, but they were.


Now, these prices don’t take sales into account, so if Target or Walmart drops the prices on these during a special sale you may get a better price at those stores. But, hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to get the best price, so you never (ever!) pay too much!

Untitled design (4)

Go HERE to download your free copy, and be sure to share with your friends to help make their shopping easier too! 


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Crock-tober is here.

Looking for more penny pinched recipes? Here you go!




I am sooooooooo excited about this!!! This week we are starting Passionate Penny Pincher’s Crocktober series, which means you and I are going to get dinner on the table every single night in the month of October.


Wooohooooo! 🙂 

As I shared on Facebook Live yesterday, starting Monday through Friday of each week in October I’ll be sharing a live video at 8:40 (well, maybe 8:45?) AM Eastern time popping dinner in Mrs. Potts.  Here’s how the schedule *should* look: 🙂

  • 8:40-8:45 AM Eastern Time –  Facebook Live Video showing how to make the recipe each morning (during the video you can tap the “follow” button and you’ll get updates each time PPP goes live)
  • 1:30 PM  Eastern Time – Blog post here on PPP with a replay of the video as well as links to recipes
  • 2:30 PM Eastern Time – Daily email goes out to regular email subscribers with all the info
  • 5:20 PM Eastern Time (POSSIBLY! depends on family schedule) – quick update over on Facebook with pic or live video of recipe
  • 8:30 PM Eastern Time – Blog post here sharing another bloggers dessert recipe (if you have any recommendations or are a blogger with a delicious recipe to share – send me an email at contact@ passionatepennypincher .com, leave out spaces!)

The best part?




you’re welcome!! 🙂



To get the cookbook and grocery list, all you need to do is be an email subscriber (you can sign up over HERE if you’re not signed up already.) 


Note – if you’re already an email subscriber check your inbox with a link to your free copy ~ we’ve just sent it out (be sure to check your spam folder too if you don’t see it, and send me an email at contact@ passionatepennypincher .com ~ leave out spaces if you don’t see it there!)


Looking for a new Mrs. Potts (like I was this week?) Here are a few of my favorites . . . 


Hamilton Beach 7-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker for $29.96

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.21.21 AM

Crock-Pot Cook’ N Carry 6-Quart Slow Cooker (currently $23.07, regularly $29 at Amazon)


Crockpot Cook & Carry Digital Slow Cooker with Heat Saver Stoneware ($39.99 at Walmart)


Crockpot 2.5-Quart Mini Casserole Crock Slow Cooker for $32.49

instant pot

Instant Pot $119.95 (this dropped in price to $69.99 on Amazon Prime Day – I’m hoping for a deal and will let you know for sure if one pops up!)

And, in case you watched the video yesterday and wanted the recipes for the  mixes I made up, here they are (finally!) as promised.

Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup


  • 2 cups nonfat dry milk
  • ¾ cup cornstarch
  • ¼ cup low sodium instant chicken bouillon granules
  • 1 tsp dry onion powder
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • ½ tsp pepper


  • Mix together all ingredients.
  • Store at room temperature in plastic bag or container.
  • To use, mix together ⅓ cup dry mixture with 1 ¼ cups water to make 1 can cream of chicken soup.

Homemade Taco Seasoning Packet


  • 2 tsp chili powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ garlic powder
  • ½ tsp cumin
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • 1 ½ tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • pinch red pepper flakes


Mix all ingredients, equals one package taco seasoning mix.

Homemade Dry Ranch Dressing Seasoning Packet


  • ¾ tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp seasoning salt
  • 1 tsp dried parsley
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ¼ tsp onion powder


Mix all ingredients, equals one package ranch dressing seasoning mix.

Italian Dressing Seasoning Packet


  • 1 ½ tsp garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp onion powder
  • 2 Tbsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 Tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper


Mix all ingredients and store at room temperature in plastic bag or container. To use, mix 2 tablespoons in place of seasoning packet.





I can’t wait to spend this month with you ~ we’re going to have a fantastic time feeding our family well all month long! 


This post may contain affiliate links. See my disclosure policy to learn more.


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Free Printable Recipe Cards


Free Printable Recipe Cards



I’m so excited about this! My friend Cheryl put together these completely free recipe cards of our family’s absolute favorite treat recipes for you to enjoy.


These are the recipes that I get asked for every time we host a get together, and I promise you’ll love them. They really are the best chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake you will EVER make, and now you can have them on a cute printed card for the next time you need a treat!


Make these chocolate chip cookies . . .


and this chocolate chocolate cake.



Head on over and download your free printable recipe cards today. Yum!



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Easter Recipes and Free Printable Menu Plan!


I am soooooooo.








excited about this! 🙂


Download my complete Easter Menu Plan and grocery list (with coupon matchups!) This is the same one I use each year, so it’ll make my life a wee bit easier too!


We based the menu based on the current Target sales ad (although you can  use the grocery list at whichever store you choose), and even included coupon matchups that work with the sale.



The price came out to $6.91 per person to feed 8 (which I know sounds high, but that includes a ton of leftovers + extra pantry staples as well!) And, when you consider the cost of dinner out on Easter for a group of 8, this will be way less expensive. (In fact, a Honey Baked Ham alone normally runs $50-$60, and you’ll have your entire meal for less than that!)


Here’s what’s included on the Easter recipes menu at our house:


Apple Spinach Salad with Warm Vanilla Bean Dressing

One Dish Corn Casserole

Broccoli Cheese Casserole


Slow Cooker Ham

Gourmet Potatoes (I can’t believe I’ve never taken a picture of these, but they are the best potatoes you will ever eat. I’ll update with a picture when we make them this week!)

Sister Schubert Rolls (you can make rolls from scratch, but these just make life a wee bit simpler!)

Paula Deen’s Banana Pudding

Included in the free printable is our menu plan, a shopping list, and my schedule for cooking to make getting ready for Easter Brunch a breeze in your home. We’ve done all the work for you, so you can just shop, bake, and enjoy your family this weekend!


Go HERE to get your free Easter Menu Plan. AND, you can also get a link to my free “what you can freeze” printable when you sign up for free daily penny pinching emails!


I hope this makes planning for Easter go more smoothly in your home, and am praying a wonderful week for your family.  I’d love to hear what other recipes are favorites in your home as well ~ leave a comment to share!


Note ~ if you’re already an email subscriber you should receive a direct link to the free printable. Enjoy!

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Crafting {from the Target One Spot} + Free Printable!


Note from Laurie: My friend Cheryl made this AMAZINGly adorable Easter bunting and bags using items from the Target One Spot, and even created a free printable so you can make them too! Hurry to the Target One Spot because the burlap pre-cut flags and bags are selling FAST, and go HERE to print your free printable so you can make them too. 



We host an Easter brunch every year, so when I saw that Target had some great crafting supplies I knew I had to come up with something fun to make. I created this free printable that you can use as well, and am in love with this fun Easter project!




Here’s what I used (I had almost everything at home, so spent just a few dollars at the Target One Spot bins)  . . . 



  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Fabric (any fabric will do)
  • Burlap Bags (Target One Spot) $1.00 each
  • Burlap Flags (Target One Spot) $3.00 package (includes 8 flags)
  • Twine (Target One Spot) $1.00
  • Gift Tags (Target One Spot) $1.00 (includes 8 tags)
  • Bunny Shapes (PPP is so excited for you to have the free printable in just the right sizes!)
  • Wonder Under
  • Pencil




Print your free printable here – then cut out your shape to use as a guide.





Perfect fit!


Trace your bunnies on the paper side of the wonder under (is this stuff amazing or what?!)  Then iron the wonder under to your fabric until it adheres.




Cut bunnies out for gift bags . . .



After you cut out the bunny, remove the paper portion of the wonder under and iron your bunny to your bag.


Seriously … how cute are these?



Follow the same instructions when making your bunny bunting – using the smaller bunny shape.




I filled these cute bags up with candy and added on gift tags I found in the Target bins too.



Such fun gift bags for Easter morning!







Have you found any spring crafts to make this Spring? I’d love to hear what you’re making! Leave a comment to share. 


I’d love for you to join me over on Pinterest (I love that place!)  If you have a blog and have done a little fluffing in your home, I’d love to see it, so leave your link in the comments section. Also, if there’s a craft you’ve seen on a website that you’re hoping to make, feel free to share that link as well (I’m always looking for new ideas!)


Looking for more penny pinched projects? Here you go . . .


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Free Printable Scripture Tags For Advent + Our New Tradition

It’s hard to believe that December 1st is here, but goodness, it is.


Honestly, I’ve felt like things have flown by in a whirlwind since Halloween, and finally am taking a few minutes today to catch my breath. Last week we traveled to Kentucky to have Thanksgiving with family, which meant I handled Black Friday week deals while away from home. (You all should see how I set things up in Kentucky to work ~ I bring my entire computer with me!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.48.58 PM

My niece shared this of me setting up shop on Thanksgiving night at midnight for Black Friday at my sister-in-law’s home, 🙂 

But we’re finally into the real Christmas season, and I so want to remember what really matters. My husband asked me to get an Advent wreath for our family to use Sunday nights through the Advent season (we’ve done it off and on over the years, but our wreath had been misplaced in our move.)


Sunday night though when we’d just gotten home from traveling and were putting up some Christmas decorations, the last thing I felt up for was a big planned Advent devotional. Our oldest asked if he could start a fire outside, and I wasn’t sure I was up for convincing our kids to come in and sit around the table.


so I didn’t.


Instead, our girls made 5 mugs of hot chocolate, I grabbed one of the candles from the Advent wreath and a few blankets, and we all sat out by the fire and did a quick ten minute devotional. (You can download a free advent guide here if you’d like one too.)


We read Isaiah 9:6, talked about how God is our wonderful counselor, and sung a few Christmas Carols. (Which quickly turned into a rousing rendition of Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer. ahem.)


It wasn’t fancy.


It wasn’t perfect.


And it didn’t look anything like Pinterest. (I didn’t even take a picture.)


But we did it anyway, and it’s already one of my favorite memories this Christmas season.


When you can, in ways you can, slow down this Christmas. 


You don’t have to make or do anything fancy ~ your family (and goodness, my family) craves just us so more than it craves perfection.

Take a minute to download these free scripture Advent tags that start today. My friend Cheryl made these up for us a few years ago, and I just attach a small bag with a treat each morning for my kids to open, using things I already had in my pantry. (Think toothpaste or a toothbrush, a piece of candy, a stick of gum, etc.)

Make it simple this Christmas, and determine to slow things down a bit. Happy December 1st!


Looking for more like this? 

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Free Printable Meal Planner

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.25.58 AM

If you could use a little help getting your weekly meal plan organized, download this free printable meal planner from Life As Mom! Head over HERE to grab yours.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom! Love a bargain? Find more free stuff HERE.

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The Ultimate Aldi, Target & Walmart Price Comparison Sheet

Love pinching pennies? Download PPP’s grocery stock up price cheat sheet when you like PPP on Facebook, or sign up for free daily emails to get our free freezer printable.



Y’all are going to loooooooooove this!


The PPP team has just put together this amazing (seriously, amazing.) reference guide for you to use every time you shop Aldi, Target, and Walmart.



After we created the Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Club price comparison chart a few weeks ago we knew it would be so interesting to see how the prices at Aldi, Target and Walmart stacked up, so we couldn’t wait to get the information out to you, 


***Guys, I was shocked at the results.***


I’ve always kind of thought that Aldi was cheaper on just about everything, so when Costco and Sam’s won on several items in the last list I was pretty surprised.



Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.48.22 PM


I never (ever?) would have expected Walmart and Target to be higher on so many items (not everything, but many things!), so the results were pretty interesting to me.


 Here are a few things you need to know to fully take advantage of this list:

  • These are everyday prices on these items and don’t include any special sales at all. If you can wait for a sale at Target or Walmart you’ll get a better price, so this is just your starting point.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.50.36 PM

  • We did the best we could to compare things evenly across the board. We looked at basic generic brands as much as we were able to (i.e. Up & Up for Target and Great Value for Walmart), and gave you the exact item name so you can compare too.
  • These prices were updated in the Southeast, so your pricing will vary some by store. This just gives you a handy little reference guide to get an idea of what to expect.
  • You’ll want to compare to see how these prices stack up at Costco & Sam’s Club as well ~ go HERE to print your free list for those stores.
  • ****MOST IMPORTANTLY**** This is such a valuable tool when shopping other store sales. A few weeks ago I was shopping the Mega Sale at Kroger and while I thought I was getting a good price on peanut butter, a quick look at this list let me know that I was getting a serious stock up price. Even if you don’t use this list to compare these stores to one another, it is so stinkin’ handy so that you’ll always know when you’re getting the very best price on an item.  WOOHOOO! 😉 



Okie dokie ~ are you ready for it? Here we go! 

To get Aldi, Target, Walmart Comparison Sheet, go HERE and download your free PDF.


(Folks, we’d planned on making this available to email subscribers only, but then were having issues with it working correctly, and I didn’t want a bunch of people mad at me before the weekend. 🙂  If you’d love to keep up with penny pinching deals I’d sure love for you to sign up for free daily emails too – go HERE and you’ll receive a free Freezer Printable Guide just for signing up. Thanks so much for joining PPP!!!)

I can’t wait to hear what you think on these prices and how they stack up ~ leave a comment to share your thoughts!




Looking for more posts like this? Here you go . . . 



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The Ultimate Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Club Comparison Chart

Love pinching pennies? Download PPP’s grocery stock up price cheat sheet when you like PPP on Facebook, or sign up for free daily emails to get our free freezer printable.


WOOHOOO! Sam’s Club and Groupon are offering their awesome voucher deal again,which means it’s a great time to try out a Sam’s Club Membership!  For $25 (wayyyyy less than the regular cost of a membership), you’ll get:

  • Sam’s Club membership ($45 value)
  • One complimentary membership for spouse or other household member
  • $5 eGift Card (allow 5-7 days for delivery)
  • Free Rotisserie Chicken loaded to membership card within 24 hours of activation
This is only offered one or two times a year, and is available while supplies last. If you’ve been considering a Sam’s purchase at all (read this to see what PPP thinks about Sam’s Memberships), this is definitely worth checking out! (Valid for new members, or those who have not had a membership within the last 6 months).

Take a minute to also download our free Aldi, Target & Walmart Price Comparison Sheet also while you’re here.

You guys. 


I am so.




Seriously, SO.


. . . . excited about this! (Did you catch that?) 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 1.33.55 PM

My awesome PPP team has put together this crazy fun (FREE!) reference guide for you if you ever shop Aldi. Or Costco. Or Sam’s Club.


You’re welcome. 🙂 


I was shocked (seriously, SHOCKEDby the results. I really thought Aldi would win just about every price, but you know what?


They don’t.



Case in point? Vanilla extract.


Don’t believe me?  Go see for yourself.




After seeing these prices I was pretty surprised at which items Aldi sells way cheaper (canned veggies anyone?), which items Sam’s Club carries for the very best price (butter sticks . . . ), and which items are worth making a trip to Costco for.  (Need aluminum foil? Costco’s the place to be!)



Of course, as in everything, there are some limits. The prices at Costco and Sam’s may be higher (especially on produce) than Aldi, but the size of your pineapple (or watermelon, or whatever), is likely smaller.


And, there’s no way to compare Costco’s amazingly yummy Ghirardelli brownies to the Aldi Baker’s Corner brand (which actually end up costing you more money. WHO KNEW???


But, this is a great reference guide that we hope makes your life shopping and deciding where to shop for certain items just a wee bit easier.


So, head on over HERE and print your free list, and please leave a comment to share your thoughts! I’d love to hear which items you’re surprised by (a bunch surprised me) ~ let me know what you think.

Note – these prices will vary some by region but this hopefully gives a starting place ~ would love to hear your thoughts on this!




 Huge (HUGE) thanks to my friends Shannon and Cheryl who just did a crazy amazing job putting this list together. I briefly mentioned the idea to Shannon last week and she totally took on the challenge, then Cheryl did an incredible job “prettying” it up for you guys. They love y’all and work so hard to make your life easier! There’s no way I could do all this without them as well as a few other behind the scenes helpers, and I’m just so thankful for them. 




Looking for more posts like this? Here you go . . . 


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