25 Days to a More Organized You Days 24 & 25: Closet Cleanouts


Despite my good intentions to finish out two more days of our 25 Days to a More Organized You posts, I realized today it’s just  not going to happen. I’ve scrubbed and shined and Mr. Cleaned (and vacuumed and dusted and decluttered and ughhhh…  ) in hopes of getting our house ready to go on the market soon, so here’s just a quick peek at all of our organized closets!


Sorry to not keep up as well as I’d planned ~ this is one of those times that life just got in the way, and I appreciate you all understanding. 😉 However, if you have any (any!) time in your week to work on organizing any rooms your home, I encourage you to get started. I hate that I’ve waited to move to tackle these chores, but isn’t that always the case? Oh well . . .



Our closet after our home “stager” recommended adding a chair and baskets to make it feel more like a dressing area (hoping to borrow a better mirror from a friend!)


Jacksons closet


Reagan’s closet  

Caroline’s closet

Four basically tidy closets. Success! 😉



Looking for more ways to get organized in 2014? Here you go . . .


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25 Days to a More Organized You Day 23: Organize A Drawer In The Bathroom

Have you shined your kitchen sink and completed your laundry?  If you can’t get anything else done over the next few days try to tackle those two! 


Just 3 more days in our 25 Days to a More Organized You Series. (Whew!) I decided to spend the last three days cleaning out our bathroom drawers and cupboards, since that’s one of those chores I constantly manage to put off. Because it’s been nuts around here I’ll keep it short and sweet, but encourage you to join in with me. (I promise you’ll be so glad you did!)

Here are the before and after pictures . . .

And these are a bunch of sample sized items I’m going to donate to our local homeless shelter. (They fill backpacks with these items to give to people who stay for the night, so if you’ve got a few extra items you don’t need it’s a great way to do some organizing and give back too!)




After spending the last few days really cleaning out our home to get ready to put it on the market, I can tell you it feels sooooo good to just purge the clutter. I doubt that anyone will ever listen to me, but even if you’re never moving I think it would be worth “staging” your home once every five or six years just to do a good cleanout. I just can’t believe the difference it’s made, and my house feels so much better for it (and we’re not even done yet!)


Looking for more ways to get organized in 2014? Here you go . . .


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25 Days To A More Organized You Day 22: What To Do When You Can’t Keep Up


I had great intentions to clean out my bathroom drawers today, then underneath the sinks and of course finish up by tackling my kids bathroom cabinets.


Then life happened. 😉 My kids were home on a two-hour delay from school, I had a painter and carpet cleaners working on my house, needed to get together a new nacho recipe to share (watch for the post tomorrow), the PPP site decided to quit for about an hour (ugh!) and my kids all have a slew of activities from 2:30-9 tonight.


Something had to give, so I thought I’d share this old post as an encouragement to you. My friend Shannon and I shared this thought when talking a few years ago,  and I’m betting a few other folks struggle with it just like we do!  Even if you’re a slightly un-organized mess like we are some days, God has a good plan for you. 😉


Do you ever watch another mom who seemingly has it all together and feel simply overwhelmed? Do you look at someone else’s cute clothes, cute shoes, cute kids and (of course) super organized life and think . . . Why can’t I be like that?


I know. I do that too.


Many days I look at my frazzled, worn-out, over-anxious, slightly-pudgy-self and all I can think is “I AM A MESS!” (And if you know me, you know that’s pretty much the case!) My kids are rowdy, my husband is fantastic (but also loud, boisterous, and slightly prone to holler at drivers that don’t drive correctly . . . ~ahem~), and I’ve managed to miss exactly three appointments in the last two months because I simply don’t seem to have a grasp on all there is to do each day. I’ll never be PTA president (ummmmm . . . which really is just fine by me), I barely keep up with the very few volunteer jobs that I do, and my daughter has convinced me that I’m the only mom in the whole school who doesn’t plan a weekly lunch date with their child.

But, you know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay that I can’t keep up. My children are fed each day, my laundry is (usually . . .) caught up, no one has been eaten by the dust bunnies in our home (yet), and when my kids have a rough day, all they want to do is come home to hang out with me. (Mess that I am and all . . . isn’t that just nuts?) They don’t care that my clothes aren’t super cute, they don’t even notice that I own shoes (much less whether they’re highly fashionable or not), and they’re each pretty sure that they’re kinda cute themselves.


I’m never going to be that girl . . . and I have a sneaky suspicion that even that momma doesn’t feel all that on top of things herself. So instead, I’ve got to work on being the best (unorganized, chaotic, very excitable, and a wee bit nuts) girl that I can be . . . even if that doesn’t look like what I would choose most days in the mirror. Deep down inside, my heart wants to do good, desires to help others, and yearns to be a momma who shares a glimpse of God’s own heart with her children.

And my guess is that He’s not all that concerned with how I look on the outside or just how organized I am, but rather He’s taking a peek at the inside of my heart to see the real me (which needs so much more work than the outside even!) So, it’s really okay that I’m a mess (I promise!), because ~ thank goodness~ He’s got work to do on me yet.



But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Photo credit


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25 Days to a More Organized You Day 21: Organize One Room


This weekend I tackled my 13 year-old’s (disastrous!) bedroom. As we’re getting ready to put the house on the market, this one clearly needed some attention, but trust me, you are crazy to wait until you have to organize to get projects like this done! We probably worked for about two hours, but afterwards both he and I were so much  happier with the room. Why on earth did we wait so long?


Here’s a peek (I can’t believe I show you all this stuff… ack!) Just forgive the iPhone pictures on some of these . . .




And after . . .




These pictures are awful from my phone, but I can’t get a good lens on my better camera to give you a good view ~ hopefully you get the idea!

You can also see how we organized his Nerf guns a few years ago ~ that’s made his closet so much better and is well worth the investment of a few laundry baskets!



Do you have a room in your home that needs some attention? Determine to schedule a few minutes (ummmm . . . hours?) to tidy it up this week ~ I promise you’ll be so glad you did!

Looking for more ways to get organized in 2014? Here you go . . .

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25 Days to a More Organized You Day 20: Create a Command Center

This is a re-post from last year on how we set up our family’s command center. I’d love to know how you organize your family’s schedule each week!

My friend Staci had some great suggestions on creating a “command” center to handle weekly schedules, menu planning and more. I asked her to send over a picture of hers (so I’d know where to start!), and this is what she made using an open frame from Hobby Lobby, piece of cardboard, and plain fabric. She cut the cardboard to fit into the opening of the frame, covered it with tan muslin fabric, and decorated it with wall decals.   [Read more…]

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25 Days To A More Organized You Day 19: Organize Your Coupons

Of all the questions I get here on PPP, probably the biggest one that comes up is how to organize your coupons.  love saving money, adore using coupons, and will be a penny pincher every single day of my life, but organizing coupons is one of those things that stresses me out too.


When we teach coupon classes, my friend Shannon and I always share that we’ve probably tried every method of organizing there is out there, so here are a few different ways for you to get started.  Remember though that there is no one “right” way to organize your coupons ~ do what works for you and don’t worry about how other folks keep up with their coupons! Here are a few tricks to get you started. . .


See how I’ve created a coupon binder (this is a lot of work but definitely works for some folks ~ I’m not using it any longer but it might work for you!)

And see how I now (easily!) organize my coupons ~ in 2014 I’ll most likely be using primarily printable coupons just to allow me more time with my family and less time clipping. 😉


And finally, check out this simple way to save just by filing coupon inserts by date.


I’d love to know which coupon organizing method you use, and if you’ve come up with another system I’d sure love to hear about it! 

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25 Days to a More Organized You Day 16: The Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet. Ugh.

Does anyone else have issues with this one?

I have organized it once and then organized it again, but basically I’ve decided it’s one of those things that you’ve got to do over at least once a year. Here’s the before and after. . .

So much better!  All I used was baskets that I found at the Dollar Tree (for $1 of course!) and it took me about 15 minutes to tidy it up. If your medicine cabinet could use some attention, tackle this job in your home today too!


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What Do You Need In Your Kitchen?


Because I’ve been racing around just cleaning my house today (no time to organize anything!) I thought I’d re-post this and would love to hear your thoughts ~ leave a comment to share!



Do you really need fourteen mixing bowls in your kitchen. . . or could you survive with just three? Is it necessary to have 13 wooden spoons, or could just a few do the job? This is one of those questions I find myself constantly asking as muddle through my cupboards, and when a PPP reader asked for a list on the first day of our 25 Days to a More Organized You series, I thought it would be fun to throw together.


It’s so easy to see another fancy kitchen gadget or cute utensil and think we need it, but eventually those items can take over our kitchen cupboards, and force us to lose all sense of organization. Gadgets can also get pretty pricey, so whenever possible I try to pass them by!  But, there are a few items I’d have a tough time living without, and they help cooking each night in our home become so much more manageable.


Here’s a peek at what’s on my must-have kitchen list, but it may look different than yours (especially depending on how frequently you cook, and how many you’re feeding!) I’d love to hear your suggestions also . . . but here’s a start at what I’d be lost without. . .


I’d really hate to live without:


These are so nice to have, but aren’t necessities:

  • KitchenAid Mixer (really don’t need, but goodness I do love mine!)
  • Food processor or hand chopper
  • 4 cup measuring cup (if you don’t have a 4-cup measuring cup and have room for one, I highly recommend it . . . it really could be on my must-have list because I use it so much!)
  • Meat thermometer
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Large stockpot
  • Warming Tray (I don’t have this but have always wanted one!) 🙂
  • Bread Maker
  • Blender
  • Electric Grill


Things I can easily live without:

  • Toaster Oven (my husband just told me he wants one ~ eek!)
  • Panini Press
  • Chocolate Fondue Pot (we bought one of these forever ago and absolutely didn’t need it so we donated it a few years ago!)
  • Bagel slicer
  • Cake Pop Maker (these look cute, but there’s no way my cupboards have room for one of those!)
This is far from a complete list, and I’m betting you have other items you’d absolutely love to have or think are way more than you need! So, what are your must have kitchen products?  Leave a comment HERE to share . . . it’s always fun to hear your thoughts, and this is a great time to clear out those cupboards of any items you just aren’t using!




Looking for more ways to get organized? See previous 25 Days to a More Organized You:


This post does contain affiliate links which helps support this site.  See my disclosure policy to learn more.

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25 Days to a More Organized You Day 15: The Junk Drawer


First off, can someone please tell me why on earth we let ourselves live like this? And secondly. . . my husband pointed out to me that I can do this as many times as I like and most likely it’ll come right back to a mess again. Ugh.



Several items I found in the junk drawer that clearly had no business being there. Double ugh!


And here we are all done – so much better . . . at least while it lasts. 😉



Do you have a “junk” drawer that cold use a little TLC? Take 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish ~ I’m betting you’ll surprise yourself with how much you can get done in just a small amount of time, and I promise (promise!) it’ll feel so good when you’re done.


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25 Days To A More Organized You Day 13: Pick A Closet


So, I shared with y’all about our upcoming move (yikes!) which of course means I’ve got a closet or two to clean out. My ten-year-old’s closet is the last one that needed a serious cleaning, and I’m so glad to have it done today! Now, the clean closet doesn’t look all that impressive, until you see where we were just eight hours ago . . .



Ackkkk! (Did I really just show you all that?  I couldn’t even hold still to get a good picture it bothers me so much!) 😉


The only good thing that I know about moving (at least that I can come up with so far . . . ) is that it forces you to do a serious de-cluttering, and I am thankful for that.  Take some advice from me ~ don’t wait until you’re forced into some de-cluttering ~ get ahead and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


I really encourage you to tackle a few of the closets in your own home over the next few days if you can. When my husband and I realized a move was coming, we did a major de-cluttering of our own closet, and I can’t believe how much more peace I have just having that one closet clean. If you struggle with keeping up tidy closets (ahem, or your children struggle with that one . . .) I encourage you to take on the challenge and make 2014 the year to keep those closets just a wee bit more organized. You’ll be so glad when it’s done!


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