Sam’s Fruit & Meat Price Checks

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Here are some items I saw at Sam’s that are pretty good deals! Don’t forget to check out which items you can freeze before heading there, and you may want to also see what items are worth stocking up on at Sam’s Club.


Bluberries, 1 lb $5.98


Strawberries, 2 lb $3.98


Clearance Items Juicer regularly $174.98 for only $49.81 (pretty good deal if you’ve been looking for a juicer)


Bananas, 3 lb $1.36 $.45/lb


Red Onions 5 lb $4.98 ($.99/lb)


Potatoes 15 lb $7.98 (what would you do with 15 lbs of potatoes?) 😉


Vidalia Onions, 5 lb $3.98 ($.80/lb this is a great price – but check Kroger too this week where they have them for $.59/lb)


Yellow Onions 10 lb $6.82 ($.68 per lb-pretty good)


Milk $2.29 a gallon


Trash Bags 180 ct $12.38


Butter, 4 lb (16 sticks) $8.92 – comes out to $2.23 each pack which is a really good price for butter


Red Seedless Grapes 3 lb $5.98 ($1.99/lb)



Tyson Whole Chicken $1.04/lb


Boneless Chicken Breasts 100%  All Natural $1.88/lb really good price!


Tyson Frozen Chicken Breasts 4 lb $11.98 


Bush’s Baked Beans $8.69 for 8 pk  or $1.09 each 


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  1. Im excited you shared this!!!! i do once a month shopping and my first pit stop is Sams Club! I freeze just about anything i can! I have literally shaved 200.00 a month off of my food budget by doing this. The food choices are excellent and you cant beat that price per lb for their chicken breast. When i first started it was 1.77lb 🙂 but ill take 1.88 😉 Thanks again, laurie…. Sams club is one of the best kept secrets on my shopping list. My family eats fresh homemade meals daily, and shopping their has helped with that.

  2. I agree – there are definitely some great deals there as long as you’re careful not to buy the boxed things (I always want to stop people from buying cereal there!) But, there are so many good deals on produce and meat – and with the price of beef going up it’s so nice to have an alternative to the regular grocery store!) That’s awesome that you’ve shaved that much off your grocery budget by shopping there. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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