How Do You Stock Up On Meat?

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Note from Laurie ~ we’ve never been able to purchase meat in bulk because of limited freezer space, but I love Shannon’s tips and am hoping we can find someone here in Ohio who sells meat this way! Would love to hear what you think too . . . 


Okie dokie folks, I’m going to share something about me that not many people know. 😉  I think I’m a closet-wannabe-vegetarian!  I really don’t love meat (other than steak.)  But my family loves (*loves*) meat!  They think bacon is the best thing (yikes! can you see the heart blockage now?), and they love steak too.  But finding deals on meat is hard, so here’s what we do.


About 3 years ago while having a budget discussion with the husband I realized that I couldn’t keep my grocery budget at its current amount and buy very much meat.  So, I asked around about buying meat from someone and found a couple from our church sells grass-fed beef. Since then we’ve bought 1/6 of a cow, which lasts us about 9 months.  It comes out to about $4.99-$5.49 per lb, which usually includes enough for:
  • 2-3 roasts
  • 15 lbs. of assorted steaks
  • 30-35 lbs. of ground beef
  • a couple other cuts of meat 


When we eat the steaks I always tell my kids to feel really blessed because it is a luxury that we enjoy eating like that. 😉 If you’re planning to buy a part of a cow it definitely helps to have an extra freezer because it definitely takes up some extra space ~ we have an extra fridge and my mother-in-law is sweet enough to store some of our extra meat in her deep freezer.  (She’s pretty awesome.) 😉


For us, we’ve found that grass-fed meat is a wonderful option ~ it tastes better and smells better when making it, and is much less greasy. I still do occasionally buy meat from the store though, and we pick up chicken at Target on clearance or when Kroger has their BOGO boneless skinless chicken breast sale.


I know that paying a few hundred dollars up front to stock up on meat may not work for everyone ~ but you can still save on meat at your local grocery store! Visit Target and see when most of the “sell-buy” dates end.  Then make another a trip a day or two ahead of that, and most likely you’ll find peelies for that meat (which you can take home and freeze.)
Have you purchased a portion of a cow before, or come up with other ways to save on meat? Leave any tips you have in the comments section ~ we’d love to hear them!


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  1. Pamela McCroskey Cox says:

    This was no help at all!

  2. Racheal McNeil Hadley says:

    Well thats not very nice this is a free service and they don't have to give us any info, but they do every week.

  3. Lois Campbell Eison says:

    We buy from Zaycon foods. Love their meat!!


  4. Trena Anderson says:

    As a former cattle rancher/breeder: "grass-fed" isn't always what you think it is. Does the rancher fertilize their grasses? What kind of fertilizers are used? What type of grasses? Hay is grass & some hay is much better than others. I learned a valuable lesson while helping my step-son raise a show steer. He fed a premium feed to his steer. NO antibiotics or meds of any kind! We watched this animal closely. The results were remarkable. Other growers would give me abandoned or sickly calves. I fed them the same feed as the show steer and most of them grew to be NICE animals. Upon slaughter I can say that those steer raised on premium grains were MUCH better than meat from grass only fed cattle. This is my first hand experience. I have always been opposed to feeding antibiotics routinely! No reason for it! I ONLY used antibiotics on an animal if it was seriously ill and had no other option. But I withheld that animal from sale or market for months after giving meds.

  5. I stock up on chicken (leg quarters) when they're on sale and buy a boneless pork tenderloin, on sale, and slice it into chops myself. I then spread these on a baking sheet and freeze for an hour or two and put into baggies. By freezing individually I can use one big bag for each and be able to pull how many I want out at a time. Bonus: they thaw faster too.

  6. This was her sharing how she saves… AND posing the question to the PPP followers . Maybe some of their responses can “help” you .

  7. Lauren Zimmerman says:

    We are trying Zaycon fir the first time in July. We typically buy in bulk, but couldn’t afford 1/2 cow, which is. What we can find here as the minimum. Thanks so much fir your site!!!

  8. What are peelies

  9. Hi Wanda! Peelies are coupons on the meat that let you save when you purchase – Target typically puts them on meat as it nears the expiration date to try to sell it (but you can freeze it for up to 6 months.) Hope that helps!

  10. Racheal McNeil Hadley says:

    I buy the pork tenderloin as well when its on sale, usually the butcher will even slice it up for me. I like the freezer tip, thats a great way to save on bags!

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