Save Up To $12 When You Spend $67 At Earth Fare + Earth Fare Coupon Matchups

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Print this coupon to receive up to $12 at Earth Fare! If you shop a competitor store that accepts Earth Fare coupons as a competitor, you may also be able to use it there (some of our local Publix stores do accept these.)  Also, if you have a smartphone you can show the cashier at Earth Fare the coupon instead of printing it.

Don’t forget Earth Fare also offers free kids meals on Thursday nights (up to six children eat free with one paying adult), plus sign up for Earth Fare’s Welcome Home program and get a coupon for a FREE Whole Chicken or pack of Veggie Burgers.

Here’s the full Earth Fare ad . . .

Bread & Bakery
Earth Fare Cupcakes, 4 ct $4.99
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Heavenly Organic Himalayan Honey, 12 oz $4.99
Once Again Organic Sunflower Butter, 16 oz $4.99 Includes Select Varieties
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Spry Gum and Mints Up to $3 OFF Includes Select Varieties
Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt, 32 oz $2.99
Horizon Organic American Singles, 8 oz $3.99
Earth Fare Curry Chicken Salad, per lb $6.99
Rumiano Organic Cheese, 6 oz $3.99
Frozen Foods
Van's Waffles, 9 oz $2.50 Includes Select Varieties
Veggie Fries, 14 oz $2.50
Grains, Pasta & Sides
Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese, 6 oz $1.00
Meat, Poultry & Fish
Beef, Roast, Sirloin Tip, per lb $4.99 Grass-Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Beef, Sirloin, Ground, per lb $3.99 Grass-Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Beef, Skirt, Steak, per lb $8.99 Grass-Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Beef, Steak, Filet Mignon, per lb $15.99 Grass-Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Beef, Stew Meat, per lb $5.99 Grass-Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Chicken, Breasts, Boneless, Skinless $2.99 Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Pork, Tenderloin, per lb $7.99 Antibiotic and Hormone Free
Salmon, Sockeye, per lb $10.99
Shrimp, Raw, 21 - 30 ct, per lb $7.99
Rainbow Light Kids and Adult Gummies Up to $2 OFF Includes Select Varieties
Apples, Gala, Organic, 3 lb bag $6.99
Blueberries, pt $3.50
Broccoli, Organic, per lb $2.49
Cucumbers, Organic, ea $1.25
Grapes, Organic, per lb $1.99 Tomato Bank Member Exclusive Price
Strawberries, Organic, 16 oz $3.99
Baby Food & Care
Oh So Organic Organic Apple PED Electrolyte, 33.8 oz $4.99
Harvest Bay Natural Coconut Water, 8.45 oz $1.67 Includes Select Varieties
Blue Sky Zero Soda, 6 pk $2.50 Includes Select Varieties
Boyland Root Beer Soda, 4 pk $3.99
Honest Kids Juice Pouches, 8 pk 6.75 oz $3.50
Just Water, 16.9 oz $0.79
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea, 6 puches $3.50 Includes Select Varieties
R.W. Knudsen Organic Juice Boxes, 4 pk $3.00
San Pellegrino Italian Sparking Soda, 6 pk 11.5 oz $4.99
Bread & Bakery
Earth Fare Bauguette, ea $0.99
Breakfast & Cereal
Barbara's Puffins Cereal, 11 oz $3.99 Includes Select Varieties
Cascadian Farm Organic Cereal, 9 - 15 oz $3.50 Includes Select Varieties
Glutino Breakfast Bars, 7.1 oz $3.99 Includes Select Varieties
Kashi Cereal, 9.8 - 16.3 oz $3.99
Nature's Path Envirokidz Organic Cereal, 10 - 10.6 oz $3.00 Includes Select Varieties
Natural Almond Butter, per lb $8.99
Natural Peanut Butter, per lb $2.49
Organic Crystalized Ginger, per lb $6.99
Organic Medjool Dates, perlb $7.99
Organic Unsweetened Dried Mango, per lb $11.99
Canned Goods & Soups
Wild Planet Low Mercury Tuna, 5 oz $3.99
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Artisana Organic and Raw Nut Butters, 1.06 oz $1.67
Barney Butter Almond Butter, 10 oz $8.99 Includes Select Varieties
Crofters Organic Strawberry Conserves, 10 oz $2.99
Drew's All Natural Salad Dressing, 12 oz $3.00
Hero Preserves, 12 oz $4.99 Includes Select Varieties
Justin's Classic Almond Butter, 16 oz $10.99
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Clif Kid ZBar, 6 pk $5.99 B1G1 valid thru 8/30
Beanitos Chips, 6 oz $3.00 Includes Select Varieties
BoBo's All Natural Oat Bar, 3 oz $2.50
Cascadian Farm Bars $3.50 Includes Select Varieties
Dang Toasted Coconut Chips, 3.17 oz $3.99
Doctor in the Kitchen Flackers, 5 oz $4.99
Horizon Organic Sandwich Crackers, 7.5 oz $3.99
Kettle Chips, 8.5 oz $3.00
Late July Mini Sandwich Crackers, 5 oz $3.50
Late July Tortilla Chips, 5.5 - 6 oz $2.50 Includes Select Varieties
Little Secrets Bar, 1.5 oz $1.50
Newman's Own Vanilla Creme Cookies O'S, 13 oz $4.99
Pirate's Booty, 6 pk, 1 oz $5.99
Pure Protein Bar, 1.76 oz $2.00
Stretch Island Fruit Strip, .5 oz $0.50
Udi's Gluten Free Ancient Grain Granola Bars, 1.6 oz $4.49 Includes Select Varieties
Yum Earth Family Size Candy and Snacks, 7 oz $4.99
Chobani Flip Yogurt, 5.3 oz $1.25
Fage Small Yogurt Cups, 5.3 - 6 oz $1.25 Includes Select Varieties
Horizon American Cheese Singles, 8 oz $3.99
Horizon Organic Milk, 8 oz Single Serve $1.20
Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, 6 oz $1.00
Wallaby Organic Australian-Style Yogurt, 6 oz $1.00
Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt, 5.3 oz $1.50
Cooked Wings, ea $0.50
Take & Bake 16" Cheese Pizza, ea $7.00
Diet Food & Drinks
Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein $22.49
Vega Nutrition Bars Products, 1.48 - 2.36 oz $2.99 Includes Select Varieties
Frozen Foods
Van's Waffles, 9 oz $3.00
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, 16 oz $8.99
Springer Mountain Chicken Wings, 2 lb $6.99
Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt, 16 oz $3.00
Sweet Earth Burritos, 7 oz $3.00 Includes Select Varieties Includes Shrink savings
Talenti Gelato, 1 pt $4.99
Grains, Pasta & Sides
Annie's Mac & Cheese, 6 - 7 oz $1.00
Earth Fare Long Grain Brown Rice, 32 oz $2.99
Earth Fare Organic Dried Pinto Beans, 16 oz $2.99
Horizon Mac & Cheese, 6 oz $2.00
Home Supplies
Sistema Klip-it Food Storage Up to 10% OFF
Zum Frank & Myrrh Laundry Soap, 32 oz $11.99
Personal Care
CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Spray, 1 oz $3.00
Jason's Natural Toothpaste Up to $2 OFF
GoodBelly SuperShot, 4 pk $5.99 $4.99 Use $1 coupon, includes Shrink savings
ChildLife Vitamin C, 4 oz $6.39
Earth Fare Biotin 5,000 mg, 60 cap $9.99
Earth Fare Melatonin 1mg Lozenge, 60 oz $3.99
Jarrow Products Up to 25% OFF Includes Select Varieties
MRM Products Up to 30% OFF
Natural Vitality Calm, 8 oz Up to $6.50 OFF Includes Select Varieties
Nordic Naturals Products Up to 20% OFF Includes Select Varieties
Rainbow Light Probiolicious Gummies, 50 ct Up to $3 OFF Includes Select Varieties
Similasan Cold and Mucus Relief Jr, 40 tab $10.39
Solgar U-Cube Gummie Vitamins Up to 25% OFF Includes Select Varieties
Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt, 5.3 oz $1.33
Earth Fare Large Grade A Brown Eggs, doz $2.99
Evolution Fresh Juices, 15.2 oz $4.99
Honest Tea, 16.9 oz $1.50
Hubert's Lemonade, 16 oz $1.25
Rebbl Golden Milk Elixir, 12 oz $3.50
Vitamin Water, 16.9 - 20 oz $1.25


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  1. Jennifer Wiley says:

    I love using EarthFare competitor coupons at Publix! For some reason I cannot find this one on their website, how did you find it or where exactly should I look? I might be overlooking it.. thanks so much ladies! I love your website 🙂

    • Mrs. Waller says:

      Jennifer, I got this coupon yesterday by going to Earthfare’s homepage and I clicked the link for FORTUNEGIVER.COM. I didn’t have a code to play the game, but it still lets you play without it. Just enter your email address and play! The coupons are instant, so you should be able to print immediately! Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much for letting us know! I tried it this morning and couldn’t get it to work, so I was hoping someone would figure it out. Thanks for your help!

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