Have You Spring Cleaned Your Beds? (+ Upcoming Spring Cleanout Details)

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My friend Staci has been doing some serious Spring cleaning, and shared her pictures and ideas with me to share with you all! As our big move is just around the corner I haven’t done any real Spring cleaning (scroll down for more details), so I’m so glad she’s shared her tips with us.


To be honest I’m not sure that I’ve ever really deeply cleaned our beds (which I’m shocked to actually say?), so hearing Staci’s suggestions were great for me, and so helpful as a way to get started! Here’s what she recommends:

  1. Remove everything from bedding and wash all of the linens, mattress pads, and pillow shams (including pillows.)
  2. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire mattress, then vacuum very slowly to really deep clean.
  3. Flip the mattress over, then re-do it all again in six months. (She suggests doing it when you spring forward and fall back)


So do you clean your mattresses out well for Spring? I’m so glad Staci shared her tips, and am hoping to get mine done over the next few weeks before we move.  I’d love to know what other suggestions you have for giving your bedrooms a good Spring cleaning!


*Note: A PPP reader mentioned that you’ll want to make sure to use a vacuum that can handle baking soda (I assumed that all could, but apparently some are not made for that!) Thanks for letting us know Kristin.


Okie dokie folks, here’s a peek at what to watch for later this week.  Either Thursday or Friday, I’ve got to spend the entire day giving our home one last good thorough cleanout before we move. (The moving trucks arrive in just over three weeks – eek!) So, for at least one day (and maybe more – we’ll see how it goes), I’m going to post only a few deals, but let you all join me throughout the day by posting updates from each room as I go! My plan at this point is for Thursday (although it may turn into Friday – I’m still working out my kids afternoon activities to be sure), and I’ll start posting at 6AM with updates every two hours throughout the day. 
If you’re like me and have procrastinated on de-cluttering (or just need to get all your Winter clothing swapped over to Spring), this will be a great time to tackle those chores too. Hopefully you can join in, and we’ll motivate one another together to get it done!



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