Free Panera Pastry On Your Birthday + My Free Lunch!

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Sign up for a FREE MyPanera loyalty card at Panera Bread, and  you’ll get a FREE Pastry or Sweet Treat added to your account on your birthday!  The great thing about this program is the more you use your card the more “surprises” they will add to your account, and the “surprises” are automatically loaded to your card for easy access. I (think?) they may also give you a free pastry just for signing up, so let me know if that works for you. (It looks like they do still offer this ~ yay!)

I was so excited today when I came to Panera because I had a free bowl of soup on my card – gotta love getting lunch for free (woohoo!) Some days you just need something small to brighten your day, and this one definitely made my afternoon a little sweeter. ;)


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  1. They do give you a free pastry for signing up. I just signed up the other day!

  2. LOVE Panera and have gotten lots of awesome freebies on my card! My husband gets mad because I get more than he does ;) And it seems to be totally random, not based on how often you use the card. For a while, he was going WAY more than I was and would get nothing. Then I’d go once or twice and have something free. Weird- but I wasn’t complaining :)

    • It does seem to be random Amy! I was pretty excited today because I was getting stuff all the time and then had a little lull – but a full meal (would have cost $4.99) was such a nice gift today! :)

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