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Almost Homemade Cinnamon Rolls ~ can’t imagine who took a bite before even putting the candles on ;)

I’ve been struggling lately with keeping up with all the things on my to-do list. My inbox is constantly full, my home is always in need of tidying, my kids seem to cry “mom“ every eight seconds that they’re home, and to say I’m just a wee bit overwhelmed these days is an understatement.  I absolutely love sharing Friday Fluff Ups with you each week, but right now I’m just a bit fluffed out. ;)


On top of that, my own expectations on myself are a wee bit ridiculous some days. I expect to craft like this, cook like this, blog like this, and did I mention we’re trying to sell a house too? Yesterday was my Caroline’s birthday, and I’ve always been a big birthday fest freak. While we have simple parties at home, I like to fluff them up a bit, love putting together a cute gift, and want my kids to know they’re oh-so-special on that day.


So when I realized this year that that all just couldn’t happen, I was disappointed (to say the least.) Then to add to my to-do list pile, I got a phone call that a realtor wanted to show the house yesterday.  I raced through the house getting every thing tidied up, stuffed popcorn that my vacuum wouldn’t pick up in my pockets (resourcefulness, right?), and through the trash can from our playroom in the car with me before racing out the door (this is the truth folks.)




So, this isn’t the year for big parties, but my girl seemed just fine with that.


I brought cookies to the bus stop to celebrate (thank you Target for that deal!)


She opened a few gifts

And for dinner feasted on her favorite fresh fruit along with her favorite cinnamon rolls for dinner. (We did have bacon and eggs too to round out the meal.) ;)


So what does any of this have to do with penny pinching?  There are seasons of our lives where we have to scale back and skimp on things to make way for even better things in the future.


There are times when we won’t have something big and fancy because really all we can do is something simple.


And really, those days turn out just fine, and sometimes simplicity brings even more joy.


I was disappointed for my daughter that I couldn’t pull off more, but she was so pleased with what we did do.  She loved her gifts (her favorite was the $5 Hula Hoop and $2 jump rope), gobbled up every cinnamon roll, and she really had just a wonderful day.


If you’re at a place in your life where you can’t do it all, it’s okayIf you can’t have a fancy party for your child because of finances, they will be just fine. Love on them instead. If you don’t have enough time to Pinterest together a whole new house, that’s okay too. Instead consider just cleaning it up.  Hopefully you (and I!) will get through this season of our lives, and who knows what will be waiting around the corner.


(There is an end out there, right?) ;)


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