25 Days To A More Organized You Day 13: Pick A Closet

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So, I shared with y’all about our upcoming move (yikes!) which of course means I’ve got a closet or two to clean out. My ten-year-old’s closet is the last one that needed a serious cleaning, and I’m so glad to have it done today! Now, the clean closet doesn’t look all that impressive, until you see where we were just eight hours ago . . .



Ackkkk! (Did I really just show you all that?  I couldn’t even hold still to get a good picture it bothers me so much!) ;)


The only good thing that I know about moving (at least that I can come up with so far . . . ) is that it forces you to do a serious de-cluttering, and I am thankful for that.  Take some advice from me ~ don’t wait until you’re forced into some de-cluttering ~ get ahead and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


I really encourage you to tackle a few of the closets in your own home over the next few days if you can. When my husband and I realized a move was coming, we did a major de-cluttering of our own closet, and I can’t believe how much more peace I have just having that one closet clean. If you struggle with keeping up tidy closets (ahem, or your children struggle with that one . . .) I encourage you to take on the challenge and make 2014 the year to keep those closets just a wee bit more organized. You’ll be so glad when it’s done!


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