Easy Way To Get Rid Of Too Many Emails (Love This!)

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I love this! Right now you can sign up for Unroll.me and they will unsubscribe you to any unnecessary emails that are cluttering up your inbox, with just a few clicks! I actually tried this a few weeks ago, and basically they’ll go through your current emails, let you know which ones are there so you can unsubscribe with a quick click, and you can either choose to keep getting all your emails like you normally do, or “roll them up” into one daily email.


This has literally decluttered my inbox by probably 90%, and instead of scrolling through dozens of emails every day I get the ones I want delivered to my inbox, “rollup” the ones I just want to keep in one place, and it’s taken me off the list for so many retailers.  If you’ve been overwhelmed by your inbox too, I highly recommend it!  Go HERE to get started.


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  1. Does this only work with yahoo accounts? I put in my email which is an SBC address as prompted and then it said to put in my yahoo password. I couldn't get it to work and I really need this!!! I couldn't find any info on their website. Please help if you can. Thanks!

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