Friday Fluff Up: Chalkboard Fun

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Several months ago I decided to get replace a large painting that was getting a bit dated over our sofa. I was left with a huge place on the wall that needed something, and when I found this large chalkboard at TJMaxx for $20 I knew it was perfect for the spot.


But I’ve left the job to the kids to decorate it. They’ve added a football stadium for Superbowl, Easter eggs in April, and a school bus just a few weeks ago before the first day of school. I’ve kind of stayed away from tackling any “fancy” chalk decorations because everything just seemed so beyond my ability (my handwriting is atrocious!)


This week though I’ve been hunting down some ideas, and while I’m still not happy with where it’s at yet, I’m getting a little closer each time I play. ;)  I gave in and bought a liquid chalk marker pen which is so much easier to work with (who knew?) and have had fun experimenting with different ideas.


Since I wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped though with my own chalkboard (yet!), I thought I’d share a few links of beautiful chalkboards that have figured this out a bit! I think I’m going to try out this process, and hopefully it will work at our house too.

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Here are a few helpful tutorials . . .



You can also see how we added a chalkboard in our pantry using chalkboard contact paper. (I’m telling you what, that stuff is amazing and can easily transform anything into a chalkboard!)


And, while this is completely random and just for fun, my sweet Reagan and I made a race through Hobby Lobby yesterday, and I just couldn’t resist showing you all some of the fun things we found. I don’t think any of it was priced over $20 if you wait until the 50% off sale (becausejust about everything at Hobby Lobby goes on sale 50% off every few weeks), and there were just so many fun finds, including inexpensive chalkboards which would be an easy way to frugally change things out as the seasons change.

I’d love for you to join me over on Pinterest (I love that place, and you can even check out my chalkboard pins while you’re there!)  See previous Friday Fluff Up projects and ideas . . . and Happy Fluffing.

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  1. I did a chalkboard for our pregnancy announcement and did a very detailed tutorial for it. I can’t do anything freehand, so this tutorial shows you how to make your art/text on the computer and transfer it to a chalkboard. It’s super easy and foolproof!! :)

    • Laurie says:

      Wow Jenny ~ I just looked at it and it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing… you did an incredible job, and I absolutely love the tutorial. Blessings!

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