Front Porch {Frugal} Facelift

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As I shared last week, we’ve started tackling a ton of house projects at our home  . . . and it feels so good to get started!  We spent last weekend beginning work on our front porch, which was in sore need of new railing (some of the wood has started to rot.) So, we started bright and early Saturday morning, and worked, and worked, and worked.  We’re saving so much by doing it ourselves (more on that later), but goodness . . . it ain’t easy! ;)

black front porch rockers


What I’m most excited about though is that I finally freshened up my front porch rockers and added a new table out there. So, for just the cost of a few cans of spray paint (okay, alot of cans of spray paint), my front porch looks so much better! Here’s what we did . . . .



I re-painted an old kids table that had been up in our playroom and was heading for the trash can. To create the words, I just used my Cricut and some vellum as well as some painters tape to tape everything off, then painted it all and removed the tape and letters ~ success! We had the paint (leftover from my office and dining room) and tape already, and I just used $.75 paint from the mis-matched paint bin at Lowe’s, so my total out of cost for the project was $.75.  Not bad  . . . and I love having an extra table out there!



I also painted my old white rockers black, and I really do just love them. They look so much more cleaner, and I’m hoping they won’t show all the dirt that they did when they were white. (Thankfully our front porch gets shade most of the day, so they haven’t gotten hot like I was afraid they might!)

And last but not least, we re-painted our swing as well, and added a few throw pillows. I grabbed the pillows for $3 each in the awesome sale that’s going on at Hobby Lobby this week, and even though I’m not sure they’re exactly what I wanted, for $6 they’ll do just fine for now!

Here’s how we’ve done on our to-do list so far (goodness still so much to do!)

  1. Re-stain front door
  2. Clean and paint front porch rocking chairs
  3. Paint front porch swing
  4. Fix front porch railing (we’re almost halfway there ~ whew!)
  5. Paint/touch up siding
  6. Re-stain deck
  7. Get a new light bulb for the refrigerator
  8. Sweep out cobwebs on the front porch
  9. Get fans for the front porch (maybe?)
  10. Recover dining room chairs
  11. Cut down front tree (it was dead ~ my son tackled that one this morning)
  12. Replace tree in front yard
  13. Re-paint mailbox
  14. Paint tables for front porch
  15. Tile/brick/add something? to the front porch
  16. Get new kitchen curtains
  17. Re-paint guest bathroom
  18. Paint kids bathroom
  19. Update playroom
And here’s the progress we’ve made so far . . .



Do you have any projects that you need to tackle at your home this summer? If you have a quiet weekend it might be a great time to get started . . . I’m tickled to start seeing some of these big projects marked off our list, and promise it feels so good!  You can also join me over on Pinterest to see more home ideas.


See more previous Friday Fluff Up projects and ideas . . . and Happy Fluffing!  


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  1. Audra Christensen Silva says:

    Gorgeous makeover!

  2. Jana Powell says:

    My mom has ceiling fans on her front porch and everybody loves the breeze. Make sure you get fans for the outside. This Alabama heat will warp the blades of regular fans.

    • Laurie says:

      Thanks so much Jana & Audra! Our house completely faces the East,so the morning sun is brutal but the porch is completely shaded by 11 (thank goodness!) We love the idea of fans though . . . but thanks for the reminder to get outdoor fans!

  3. Beautiful!!!

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