Price Matching At Walmart

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I am so indebted to the PPP reader who reminded me about price matching at Walmart, because it has scored me some fantastic deals on produce! Now I know that not all Walmart stores accept Aldi prices as a competitor, but if yours does, it’s definitely worth trying out. Here’s what I priced matched this week:

  • 5 lb. bag of potatoes $2.99 at Walmart ~ price matched to $.99 from Aldi store ad
  • 4 ears corn $3 at Walmart ~ price matched to $1.49 from Aldi store ad


I really wanted to also pick up some red onions which were on sale this week, but Walmart was all out. My store has not given me any problems at all about price matching, and it really has made my shopping go a little more smoothly! I usually stop by Walmart early in the morning to make my trip go more smoothly, and have the Aldi ad with me when I go.



See more about how to use price matching at Walmart over HERE, and let me know if it’s worked for you!

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