My Dollar Tree Shopping Trip. . . That Place Just Makes Me Happy.

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I finally made it to the Dollar Tree today to see if they really did accept coupons (I just had such a hard time believing it myself . . .), but I’m so excited to share that I had no problem using coupons there! I did hear a lot of talk from the cashiers about couponers using slightly unethical coupons while they were there (which was a little disheartening), but I think as long as people use coupons that are legitimate on the items they’re purchasing, all of us will benefit. . . including the Dollar Tree.


Because of their new coupon policy I went in looking for a few good deals, and came out with a ton of fun stuff to fluff up for fall (stop back tomorrow to see what I grabbed), and can definitely see how accepting coupons will only help the Dollar Tree as long as folks use coupons correctly there. They got me in the store with their deals, and I was more than happy to pay full price (yup, at $1 an item), for several other things in the store.

Okie dokie . . . here’s what I purchased for $4.95 plus tax at the Dollar Tree . . .


And here are the top coupon matchups that I see . . .

Dollar Tree Deals

A big thanks to Leah (a PPP reader I met in the Dollar Tree) for hunting down the great Bounty Paper Towel deal . . . I was super excited about that one because we’re completely out of paper towels. It was also great to meet Mary there ~ apparently all of us penny pinchers were hitting The Dollar Tree today! If you’ve found any other great deals at the Dollar Tree or have had a different experience there, please leave a comment to share.

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