*HOT* Kashi Deal At Publix (Ends Today!)

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Last night I made a quick run to Publix and noticed this great deal on Kashi products in the Yellow Advantage Buy Flier (which ends today!) Here’s the deal:


Buy 2 Kashi Bars $2.99



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  1. Amber Satterfield says:

    Hey! I was just curious if the layered granola bars were part of the sale since the $1.50/1 is for the layered granola bars or if I could use that coupon for the others too? Thanks! :-)

    • I was going to double check today, but it looked to me like it included all Kashi bars/cereals. I’ll let you know if I go and it’s different, but the signs were everywhere!

      • Amber Satterfield says:

        Okay awesome thanks! I may just go anyhow since our Publix is so new (Opened one week ago) and I just want any excuse to go there right now! haha… ;-)

  2. Just got back from my publix.. They have them.. but its like $4. 49 a box.. and not $2.99

    • Ughhh – thanks Anni! I’m so sorry (I really thought all the boxes at my store were $2.99 … only the Kashi Cereal was $3-$4) :(


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