What $15.43 Plus Tax Bought At Publix This Week

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Here’s what I picked up earlier this week at Publix for $15.43 at Publix.  I have no idea what the total was before sales and coupons because I lost my receipt, but my guess is I would have spent way more than that! :)


I’d love to hear how your grocery trip went this week, and if you were able to purchase an item or two to give please take a minute to share that too! See how other folks are saving at Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom,Weekly Totals at I Heart Publix, and Friday Finals at Southern Savers.


New to couponing? Start out by checking out all Publix matchups over HERE, and also take a minute to visit this week’s top Kroger deals and Drug Store Deals.  You can also check out my beginners series over HERE.


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  1. Jennifer G. says:

    Wow!! That’s really good! String cheese alone is expensive! Way to go!

    • Laurie says:

      I know… but it was on sale a little bit, and that’s the one thing we absolutely have to have on hand at all times (my littlest doesn’t eat peanut butter, so string cheese is a staple around here!) :)

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