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  1. Melanie in Huntsville says:

    I scrub my sink all the time….everyday! There’s just something about a clean kitchen!
    Now…off to find some great deals!

    • I do a quic scrub every day too Melanie, but I’m bad about really scrubbing behind the back… Bleck!

      Happy deal hunting :)

  2. Household 5 minute cleaning Entry-Clening the car under the hood!!! Opened up the hood-steam vaccumed the engine-wahed it with hot water and Amway special cleaning soap for grease!! I then dried different important parts-took Coke & tooth paste to clean battery cables vaccumed around area’s where the leaves collect- on thefront window-down in the air tracks-and where the washer wipers move back and forth-changed window wipers so they are nice new and clean. I then filled washer fluid well-check oil-cleaned around oil area and dip stick with clorox wipes-vaccumed leaves away from motor area-checked water & coolent levels-cleand around area and cleaned the cap good by letting it soak in peroxcide for 2 minutes-nice and clean now!! Washed belts a little with clorox wipes-washed down fan parts with clorox wipes and last but not least-washed the hood inside good with soap and water-then went over area of tracks were lid closes into with clorox wipes. My car has a very clean engine now and i also added more oil-my Dad taught me how to care for your car-under the hood! Oh Yeah-cleaned spark plugs wires too-boy do they shine now!!!! Sincerely yours, Jodie Hytrek-CAR-GIRL!!!!!!!! LOL

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