Time for a Treat – Peanut Butter Balls

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My friend Nikki makes these fabulous Peanut Butter Balls each Christmas, and I finally had to try them out myself!  These are so so yummy, but I will warn you, they’re not the easiest recipe I’ve ever shared.  (My husband said they were worth every bit of my work though!)
I was in a mad dash to take the picture before my kiddos and their friends devoured them . . . five children and a batch of peanut butter balls sure can sure make for a circus in my kitchen!  And if you’re a little anxious about using paraffin for the chocolate (I was), I promise that my friend Nikki has made (and eaten!) these for several years and her whole family has survived :)  so it should be just fine!
Nikki’s Peanut Butter Balls


  • 2 cups peanut butter
  • 2 sticks melted butter or margarine, cooled
  • 1 pound powdered sugar
  • 1/2 block of paraffin look for it near the canning supplies – you’ll have enough for years of peanut butter balls with just one box!
  • 6oz semi-sweet chocolate chips



  1. Mix together butter, peanut butter and powdered sugar.
  2. Roll peanut butter mixture into balls.  (If it’s not stiff enough to roll, place in the refrigerator until the mixture firms up a little.)
  3. Melt paraffin and the chocolate chips over low heat on stove top.  (Tip, do not let this burn like I did, you’ll have to start the chocolate all over again!)
  4. Dip peanut butter in chocolate and place on wax paper.  This is the hardest part. . . Nikki said she uses a toothpick to dip them and that’s what I tried, but you may also need to place the peanut butter balls in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up in between dipping!
  5. Enjoy!!!


If anyone has any tips on how to dip these a little easier, Nikki and I would both love to hear them . . . any suggestions?

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  1. I use a wooden skewer, like you use for kabobs. They are longer and I think they are easier to use then the toothpick.

    • I actually used a skewer too Kelly, and I do think that helped, but I kept dropping them (and then eating a little more . . . !)

  2. I have just used plain chocolate chips melted and they turn out great too! Dark chocolate is our favorite. Great way to use those cheap Nestle chips!

  3. I just use a fork. Don’t poke it with the fork but use it sorta as a spoon. It makes it easy for dipping and rolling around in the chocolate. When you go to put them on the wax paper they trasfer very easily but you may want to use the assitance of another fork, skewer or even butter knife to slide it off the fork if necessary.

    Another tip is to wet ur fingertips every now and then when rolling to keep the balls from sticking to you

  4. I use a skewer as well, but refrigerating well before dipping them seems to help. Also I use rice krispies in mine. Stretches and makes more balls, and taste great as well.

  5. Instead of wax & chocolate, I use chocolate almond bark! It melts beautifully. You don’t get that waxy taste and it hardens to create the shell! I make these every year yum!!

    Thanks for sharing Laurie…I am posting as we speak!
    Michelle @ I Heart Publix :-)

  6. Stephanie says:

    I drop the balls into the melted chocolate and scoop them out with a fork. The excess chocolate drips off between the fork tines, and it hardly leaves a mark (like the toothpicks can) when you put the ball on the wax paper. I don’t use paraffin with mine, and they turn out just fine (for those who can’t find paraffin). I’ve also dipped the balls in white chocolate, dark chocolate, sprinkled with colored sugar and/or nuts. It’s really a great recipe for tweaking!

  7. I roll them and put them on a cookie sheet w/parchment paper,place in the refrigerator and cool about 15 minutes then dip and place back on the cookie sheet which is still cool… this will start the chocolate set up process….. as a variety I sometimes add coconut and or rice krispies….. One more thing – if dipping with a toothpick you are left with a hole, at the very end as they are lined up on the cookie sheet I take the tip of a teaspoon of melted chocolate and swirl it over the hole this is also pretty like a store bought chocolate… e n j o y!

  8. I use the block of Chocolate!! I have never used the Pariffin cause I can never find it.. I also use the toothpicks they seem to work the best.. It is a pain but like your house they go fast in mine too.. I also make them for teachers almong with all the other goodies they get!!

  9. Kris when do you mix in the rice Krispies??? That sounds good

  10. christina says:

    I know I have been making these over and over and the different videos I have watched on Youtube make it look so much easier than it is. I also use just the plain chocolate chips like on the videos but my chocolate just seems to be too thick even with thinning it out with veg oil.

    They are yummy though

  11. Dec. 8,2010
    I use a small pickle fork, it has two prongs and holds ball more firmly.

  12. I grew up on these too! Have you ever tried the easy version with frosting instead of conf. sugar. And no messy wax. They are just as fabulous!

    1 12 oz package of peanut butter chips
    1 can of vanilla frosting
    1 package of chocolate candy coating

    Melt the peanut butter chips in the microwave and cool slightly.
    Stir in the frosting and mix well.Chill for 1 hour.Form into 1″ balls and dip into the melted candy coating leaving some peanut butter peaking through.This makes about 36 candies. Yum!!

  13. I’m loving all your tips on these! I had heard you could use the bar chocolate, but seeing as I have 18 bags of Nestle semi sweet chocolate chips in my pantry, I just couldn’t spend the money on it! :) I’m going to try these again using the drop method . . .we’ll see how it works!

  14. I just made these this past weekend…in Ohio, we call them “Buckeyes.” I used the same ingredients for the peanut butter mixture but after I rolled them, I put them in the fridge for about an hour. I only used semi sweet chocolate for the dip. I used a little cocktail fork to dip them and then used my finger to cover the little indention marks. Then I put them back in the fridge so the chocolate would harden. I actually store them in the fridge b/c I don’t like for them to get too soft. They are by far one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. I try not to think of all the calories that are in each one.

  15. I use a chocolate fork – mine is made by Wiltons and I have had it forever. It works great and doesn’t leave the little holes from toothpicks…and the tines are thin enough that there are no indentions from other types of forks.

    Here is a set that I found on Amazon:


    If you were extra crafty – you could make these out of stainless steel wire, with a wire wrapped handle like they used to make old wire whisks.

  16. I’ve been making these every year since I was 12 and just made my annual batch last week. :)To thin the chocolate I use 1 Tbsp of Crisco per bag of chips. Mix them together the best you can then melt in the microwave. I also use a fork or spoon to dip the balls. My recipe is a little different though. 1.5 cups of pb, 1 stick of butter and 1 lb of powdered sugar (may make a smaller batch if anyone is interested). Not sure how to post a pick or I would. Anyways, hope that helps someone. :)

  17. I used to make these years ago. For a more professional finished look, I used small paper candy cups.
    Small amount of chocolate in the bottom, place a peanut butter ball in, then pour a little more chocolate over the top and let it run down to cover. Easier to package and handle, too.

  18. let the chocolate cool a little before you dip, then dip with a fork and flip over onto wax paper and drizzle or spread to fill top. Actually I make a different version and use the candy coating wafers or the “bark” chocolate, it is easier to melt and can be done in the microwave, no parrafin needed, put in freezer for a few minutes to set quickly.

  19. These ARE delicious. We sometimes use two spoons to roll them back in forth instead of the toothpick.
    Also they do make a candy spoon, my friend has one, that has a small hole in it and the chocolate drains off the balls quite nicely!

  20. I have a similar recipe that I’ve been using for years (no paraffin) that includes a pretzel… stick the peanut butter ball on top of a pretzel, then dip the top in chocolate. They tastes wonderful and the pretzel gives you something to hold on to while you dip. I’ve thought about using a pretzel stick stuck in the PB ball, but haven’t tried it yet.

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  22. My mom would sometimes make these into bars instead. She would spread out the peanut butter mixture and then pour melted chocolate over the top.

  23. Jeri Hastings says:

    I had a recipe I did for oreo truffles this week which was close to what you’re doing here and they suggested two forks and that worked great!

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